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A year after the world changed … it seems the change has only accelerated. As educators plan for a new beginning this fall, we’re hearing the urgent need for ready-to-go resources that help you engage with equity, remote learning, assessment, and more. Want to watch (or rewatch!) our latest Virtual Literacy Symposium? Check it out here. Ready to take a stand for research-based reading instruction? Check out the Reading League’s Science of Reading: A Defining Movement and add your voice.

Leveraging the science of reading

Go deep on the insights and practices that will help our classrooms (remote or otherwise)—based on the latest science, and adaptable to every shift in the educational landscape.


Building strong foundational skills

Strong, systematic sound-first instruction is critical to helping students learn to decode and can increase student success. Learn specific skills that increase your impact.

Sharing knowledge resources

Assessing what students need

Assessment this year is more important than ever before—and also more challenging. What does this extended summer slide look like? How can you find time to review what’s needed, while still moving forward?

Thriving through remote learning

Everything about this school year has changed—yet your work is more important than ever before. How can you support your students, and your colleagues, in this new normal? Stop by Amplify Anywhere for ideas that may help.

And while you’re here—please download your free PDF “20 Self-Care Tips for Educators Right Now” (and please take care of yourselves!).

Alana Mangham on Teaching Now

Natalie Wexler on the New Normal

Thinking about back-to-school

Though it feels like the landscape is changing every day, we know we’ve got to find a way to get students back to learning. What will your school day look like? What reinforcement might you need to do in order to ensure equity? We will continue to share resources to support your journey.

Finding high-quality instructional materials

If you were already thinking about new literacy resources—you’ve now got even more ideas about what high quality looks like. How will your literacy program work for all students? How do you need your literacy resources to support you in the classroom, in remote learning, and for every scenario in between?

Staying strong and staying connected!

Looking for ways to connect with other educators and stay updated on the latest research and trends in the science of reading? Check out a few more ways to do so below.

Science of Reading: The Podcast delivers the latest insights from researchers and practitioners in early reading. Further your professional development with each episode by subscribing and downloading them now.

Science of Reading: The Community is built for those committed to fostering conversation around the science of reading and implementing best practices in the classroom (including the virtual classroom).

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