Immerse your students in close reading.

Middle school students are learning to immerse themselves in text—and learning to stand up for what they believe in. Help them build their skills as they journey through a compelling futuristic world, facing an archenemy that won’t let them read. As they become rebel heroes fighting the Machines, they learn to look for evidence everywhere … and question everything.

In this future, reading is rebellion.

Each student’s journey through this turbulent world depends on their ability to read literary and informational texts critically. Boost Close Reading (formerly Amplify Close Reading) develops a deep understanding of essential middle school skills—such as identifying the parts of a valid argument—that will prepare them for success in high school and in the broader world.

And every student can be the hero.

Every chapter provides integrated instruction, guided close reading, and a creative application. You set the difficulty level for each student. Assign English Learners and struggling readers to the Extra Support path. When they’re ready, switch them to the CO level.

Remote, asynchronous … and still connected

Students log in from wherever they’re learning, whenever they like—and many won’t want to stop playing. They’re rewarded for persistence, not just performance. As the leader of these rebel readers, you see their progress from the pilot seat. Cutting-edge reporting gives you insight into their progress. Live chat sends you right into the world with them.