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Based on decades of leading literacy research, mCLASS® is the gold-standard assessment and instructional suite for early literacy that helps every child learn to read confidently. Amplify mCLASS meets criteria for Tier I-Strong Evidence as an education intervention under ESSA.

Research base

Research: The importance of dual language assessment in early literacy (published in 2022)

Research: Administration and Scoring Guide (published in 2021)

Research: DIBELS 8th Edition Technical Manual (published in 2020)

Research: mCLASS Dyslexia Screening Measures Technical Manual (published in 2019)

Report: mCLASS Dyslexia Screening Measures Research (published in 2019)

Research: Burst Reading Assessment (Now mCLASS Intervention) Technical Manual (published in 2019)

Research: Five leadership practices that drive success in K–2 literacy (published in 2018)

Report: Examining the Efficacy of mCLASS Intervention (published in 2015)

Research briefs

Research brief: With end-of-year data showing continued academic recovery in early literacy, worries remain for third grade students.(published July 2023)

Research brief: Middle-of-year data show that academic recovery continues in early literacy, with Black and Hispanic students making the greatest gains. (published February 2023)

Research brief: Data from the beginning of the school year show that the literacy crisis in America’s schools may be worse than it was before COVID-19; but the greatest part of the crisis existed before the pandemic. (published October 2022)

Research brief: Amid academic recovery in classrooms nationwide, risks remain for youngest students with least instructional time during critical early years. (published February 2022)

Research brief: Students start to recover from COVID instructional loss. (published July 2021)

Research brief: COVID-19 means more students not learning to read. (published February 2021)

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