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Universal screening and progress monitoring with diagnostic interviews provide a rich view of at-risk students and gauges the effectiveness of math instruction.

We’ve created guidance and resources to help meet your unique needs this school year. Find out more about our remote and hybrid learning resources.

About mCLASS Math

Ask questions to uncover students’ mathematical reasoning, and measure fundamental skills required by the Common Core State Standards in mathematics for grades K–3 in both English and Spanish.

What educators say

“The diagnostic interview portion of mCLASS Math is the only assessment tool I have seen that dares to sketch a picture of a child's ability to think mathematically.”

Leslie Elementary math consultant, Texas

How it works

mCLASS Math unlocks the mathematical thinking behind assessment results. Better data means better math instruction. See how it works.

Assess skills

Use mCLASS on any mobile device to assess a student, replacing paperwork and manual calculations with reliable, automated data capture and analysis.

View scores

Instant assessment results allow you to view the student’s performance against research-based benchmarks.

Record observations

Conduct an observational assessment with the student using intuitive icons to record observations of the student’s problem-solving methods.

Understand reasoning

Guided diagnostic interviews help you learn more about the student’s approach, as well as ask questions that enable the student to think about alternate strategies.

Review results

The results reveal the student’s understanding of mathematical concepts based on the student’s problem-solving methods.

Target activities

A research-based performance analysis provides you with insight into the student’s specific skills and recommended activities targeted to the student’s needs.

Use reports

Class reports summarize overall performance and help you track assessment and monitor intervention progress.

Understand each student's math development

The work doesn’t stop at assessment. mCLASS Math helps keep the development of your students’ early math skills on track by comparing progress with research-based benchmark goals. A variety of teacher and administrator reports help identify patterns and allocate resources in schools and districts.

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