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As a math teacher, you work every day to celebrate student brilliance, build deep conceptual understanding, and create the conditions for every student to be successful.

We’re here to help.

Free tools for K–12 math educators from Amplify

Desmos Classroom

Grades 3–12

Join Desmos Classroom to gain access to free classroom lessons, lesson-building tools, sharing features, and more. Students can get into lessons using simply a class code.


Grades K–12

The world’s best virtual manipulatives will surprise you. We guarantee it.

Mathigon activities and self-paced courses

Grades 3–12

Experience the textbook (and interactive activities) of the future. We suggest you start with:

Free tools from friends of Amplify

Desmos Studio calculators and tools

The world-renowned Desmos calculators will remain independent as part of a separate organization called Desmos Studio.

Amplify’s comprehensive core program

Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom

Grades 6–12

Amplify Math was designed around the idea that all students deserve to experience success in grade-level math every day. By now combining Amplify Math based on Illustrative Mathematics’ IM K–12 Math™ with the Desmos Math Curriculum, we are bringing the very best in print and digital lessons to teachers across the country.

Coming soon

Amplify Math for elementary school

Grades K–5

Also based on IM K–12 Math™, Amplify Math for grades K–5 makes math fun and memorable for students.

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Personalized instruction and practice

Grades K–5

Our personalized math program is designed to meet students where they are while keeping them engaged in grade-level work.