Cultivate biliteracy pathways with Amplify Caminos

Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) is proud to introduce Amplify Caminos al Conocimiento Esencial, an equitable Spanish language arts program for Grades K–5 that will inspire and engage your students to become confident readers, writers, and thinkers.

Build background knowledge to develop engaged, active readers

Research shows that reading comprehension increases when students have background knowledge about a topic. We’ve designed Amplify Caminos around topics that interest kids, from science to world history to great literature and art. Students build connections across units and grades, deepening their understanding and engagement each year.

Listen to learn, speak to share, and write to connect

Like Amplify CKLA, Amplify Caminos is designed to spark curiosity through content-rich instruction. Amplify Caminos features complex interactive Read-Alouds and authentic Spanish literature to develop reading and writing skills and build bridges across Spanish and English.

Relevant, challenging texts

Amplify Caminos is designed with Spanish speakers in mind. More than merely a translation, it includes transadaptations and authentic texts written by Latin American and Spanish authors across a diversity of topics and genres.

Students will get hands-on experience in close reading a variety of Spanish literature.

Flexible biliteracy pathways

Amplify Caminos is designed to support any biliteracy model, including English as a Second Language (ESL), transitional bilingual programs, dual language strands, and Spanish immersion programs.

When used in tandem with Amplify CKLA, Amplify Caminos provides a fully equitable, one-to-one English and Spanish solution.

Robust digital materials

Like Amplify CKLA, Amplify Caminos is proud to be a premier high-quality instructional material (HQIM) offering in elementary language arts, with rich and research-based content—including an expanding library of engaging digital materials—that helps you authentically support, challenge, and engage your students. From digital Teacher Guides to lesson projectables, we provide all the tools needed to successfully deliver every lesson.

What's included

Amplify Caminos features engaging print and multimedia materials—accessible from anywhere—designed to provide a robust literacy-rich foundation in every classroom.

High-quality teacher materials

Teachers are provided with all the lessons and resources they need to deliver Spanish literacy instruction, including:

  • Teacher Guides
  • Projectable lesson components
  • Teacher Resource Site
  • Professional Development Site
  • Visually rich classroom materials
  • Recorded read-alouds
  • Quests for Grades 3–5 (immersive, project-based learning)

Immersive student materials

  • Content-rich cross-curricular Read-Alouds (K–2) and Student Readers (3–5)
  • Student Activity books with embedded assessments
  • Poet’s Journal and Writer’s Journal (write-in Student Readers for Grades 4 and 5)
  • Anthologies (authentic text collection for Grades 4 and 5)

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