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Amplify Desmos Math

Coming soon: A new core PreK–12 program from Amplify and Desmos Classroom! This new program will feature:

  • The power of Desmos Classroom technology and instruction, with additional easy-to-use print and digital components.
  • A curriculum based on Illustrative Mathematics® IM K–12.
  • Complete standards alignment.
  • English and Spanish versions.

Plus K–A1 pilots will be available for back-to-school 2024!
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Desmos Math 6–A1

Desmos Math 6–A1 is a year-long, blended middle school math curriculum delivered through the Desmos Classroom platform. It features:

  • A rigorous curriculum based on Illustrative Mathematics IM K–12, authored by the Desmos Classroom team.
  • Grades 6–8 courses rated perfect by EdReports. (Algebra 1 has not yet been reviewed.) Read the review.
  • Pre-made, fully customizable lessons, available in English and Spanish.
  • Powerful facilitation tools to allow for real-time insight and feedback.

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Desmos Classroom

Desmos Classroom is a teaching and learning platform that offers a collection of free digital lessons and lesson-building tools.

  • Teachers can build their own lessons using the Activity Builder tool.
  • Teachers can also explore lessons, including:
    • A library of user created lessons.
    • Featured Collection lessons authored by the Desmos Classroom team.

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Get more answers with our math assessment program.

mCLASS Math is a math assessment program that uncovers students’ mathematical reasoning and measures fundamental skills to build student success. Universal screening and progress monitoring with diagnostic interviews provide a rich view of at-risk students and gauge the effectiveness of math instruction.
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