Inspiring future scientists: Amplify Science success stories

You have the next generation of scientists in your classroom—and we’re here to help! Science students across the country are using Amplify Science to think, read, write, investigate, and argue like scientists. 

Why Amplify Science? Educators like you can effectively accelerate learning and activate curiosity by asking science students to solve real-world problems.  

You’re changing learning outcomes, helping us inspire the next generation of scientists, today.

“I would recommend Amplify Science to any district looking for a curriculum that is going to engage their students and their teachers in a compelling phenomena-based curriculum.”

-Brooke Teller
STEM Director, Portland Public Schools

Amplify + Portland, Maine: The power of phenomena in K–5 classrooms


Discover how students in Portland Public Schools use hands-on investigations to solve real-world problems.

Amplify + Denver, Colorado: Amplify Science in action


Learn how middle school educators in Denver Public Schools take on a week of lessons in Amplify Science.

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