Amplify support and services

We partner with educators to create meaningful learning experiences in schools, whether it’s helping to create a professional development plan, working shoulder to shoulder in the classroom, or providing real-time support in a chat window on a teacher’s laptop.

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Onboarding support for all—through implementation and beyond

At the start of every implementation, Amplify provides a single point of contact to ensure the onboarding process is as simple as possible. Our dedicated project managers help with order fulfillment, enrollment and licensing, purchase orders, and more.

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Powerful (and free!) pedagogical support

Amplify provides a unique kind of support you won’t find from other publishers. We have developed an educational support team of former teachers and administrators who provide pedagogical support for every Amplify program. This service is completely free for all educators who are using our programs.

To reach our pedagogical team, use our live chat within the program, call (800) 823-1969, or email

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Robust partner support

For large, complex implementations, we provide educational partnership management services to ensure smooth onboarding and provide educators with a deep understanding of the tools and data available to them.

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Timely technical and program support

Our technical and program support is included and available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, through a variety of channels, including email, phone, and a live chat program that enables teachers to get immediate help in the middle of a busy school day.

Professional learning that fits your needs

When educators grow, students grow. Our goal is to support your team’s professional growth, whether you’re implementing a new program or strengthening instructional practices based on your school or district needs.

From live, in-person training and coaching to online courses and remote professional development, we offer a range of support to fit districts’ needs and educators’ busy schedules.

Amplify offers a range of professional development offerings designed to meet the unique needs of educators across different stages of learning.

  • Foundations sessions

    These sessions introduce administrators and teachers to their new curriculum or assessment, including the core features and research behind its design. They also give teachers opportunities to practice in a collaborative environment.

  • Deep dive and strengthening sessions

    These sessions advance teachers’ understanding of their curriculum or assessment and support them in taking their instructional practice to the next level. They offer opportunities to deepen content knowledge, planning, instruction, and data analysis practices.

  • Coaching sessions

    These sessions incorporate each school’s specific needs by offering a menu of popular topics or working with an Amplify coach to customize the time spent together. They provide teachers with in-the-moment observation and feedback, grade-level planning support, and more.

  • Custom packages

    Amplify welcomes the opportunity to partner with schools and districts in designing custom professional learning plans. We look forward to hearing from you!

When you grow, your students grow.

“From the start, and in every encounter since I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism and customer focus all Amplify employees have demonstrated. Not only are the curriculum products extraordinary but they are backed by extraordinary people.”

Teacher, Montana

When you grow, your students grow.

“[Our] facilitator did a fabulous job of highlighting key look-fors, as well as sharing personal experiences with implementation, which are so useful for a teacher to hear.”

Teacher, Louisiana

When you grow, your students grow.

“[Amplify] deserves a medal for being one of the few companies that actually explains enrollment and access processes clearly, while providing continued support. Thanks for being organized and caring towards your customers!”

Technology teaching and learning support specialist, Ohio

Options for every Amplify program and every school

We offer customizable development options for Amplify educators across all of our programs. Learn more about the development options available for the following programs.

  • Amplify CKLA 1st Edition
  • Amplify CKLA 2nd Edition
  • Amplify ELA
  • Amplify Science
  • mCLASS