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Science of Reading: The Community

Science of Reading: The Community is for educators who want to understand the latest early literacy research and how to turn it into best practices for teaching and learning. For more fresh insights straight from researchers and practitioners in early reading, subscribe to The Science of Reading: The Podcast.


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Math Teacher Lounge

Introducing Math Teacher Lounge, a video series designed just for K–12 math educators. Your hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer will dig deep into topics you care about and interview guests you need to know about. For the latest videos, subscribe to the Math Teacher Lounge.


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Amplify CKLA Facebook group

In our Amplify CKLA Facebook group, educators exchange insights and information about teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking intertwined with essential vocabulary and knowledge. Bring your questions and conversation starters about Amplify CKLA, and you’ll be sure to gain knowledge of your own.


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Amplify ELA Facebook group

In our Amplify ELA Facebook group, educators share advice, ideas, encouragement, and concrete examples from their own experiences with Amplify ELA curriculum. Join to find out how your colleagues are meeting and seizing the challenges and opportunities particular to teaching middle school ELA.


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Amplify Reading & mCLASS Facebook group

This group is for educators and caregivers who want to learn more about Amplify Reading and mCLASS. This is a forum for educators to provide each other with support and dialogue about using the programs by collaborating, asking questions, and sharing ideas to create the best educational experience for students.
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Amplify Science Facebook group

In our Amplify Science Facebook group, educators share best practices for using Amplify Science to meet the Next Generation Science Standards, teach in three dimensions, and help every student go from “learning about” to “figuring out.” Educators also post success stories from the classroom that show the ways they’ve adapted the curriculum to meet their needs.


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A child conducts a science experiment with a gold color background.

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