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Get struggling K–6 readers on track

mCLASS Intervention (formerly known as Burst:Reading) is a staff-led reading intervention that does the heavy lifting of data analysis and lesson sequencing, freeing up teachers to teach the reading skills each student needs.

We’ve created guidance and resources to help meet your unique needs this school year. Find out more about our remote and hybrid learning resources.


K–2 students in mCLASS Intervention grew by up to 8 student growth percentile points more in early literacy skills.

Research-based, classroom-tested

K–2 students in mCLASS Intervention grew by up to 8 student growth percentile points more in early literacy skills than similar peers not enrolled in mCLASS Intervention, according to a study awarded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

What educators say

“Because mCLASS Intervention is so targeted, we’ve seen student performance improve much faster than we used to. It also increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our teachers.”

Bree Lessar Superintendent, La Veta School District, Colorado

What educators say

“I am so grateful for mCLASS Intervention and the Amplify team! Using these programs assisted us with helping our struggling readers. My school obtained a FIVE Star rating by the State Department of Education (the highest rating in our state) due to our student growth last year.”

Reading Specialist, Nevada

About mCLASS Intervention

Getting students caught up on reading skills requires more than just “extra help” in small groups. It requires teaching focused directly on the specific skills each group needs to learn next. How does mCLASS Intervention help? It does the heavy lifting of data analysis and lesson generation.

Our approach

mCLASS Intervention follows a research-based skills progression and uses software to analyze results, form small groups, build engaging lessons for each group, and update skill profiles and groups every ten days.

Measure skills

Every 10 days, educators progress monitor students on the skills they’re working on. mCLASS Intervention analyzes these results, so it can update students’ placement on the learning progression and identify what they should focus on next.

Group students

Once each student’s profile is updated, mCLASS Intervention analyzes the results of other students and arranges students by skill into small groups of up to 4-6.

Generate lessons

Once groups are formed, mCLASS Intervention determines the ideal focus for each group and automatically prepares two weeks of lessons targeted to current needs of each group. See a sample here.

Teach students

Staff then deliver the lessons to the small group of students—either with the interventionist coming into the room or the students going to a different room.

What's included

Students in Grades K–6 benefit from mCLASS Intervention and the program covers the five big ideas of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. mCLASS Intervention comes with a mix of print and digital components to help you serve students.

Targeted lesson plans

mCLASS Intervention provides a bank of over 4,000 research-backed activities, including multisensory activities that use auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic techniques.

Lesson builder

The lesson builder automatically assembles activities into detailed lessons that target the skills each group is ready to learn.

Easy-to-use lesson materials

mCLASS Intervention provides both print kit materials and a digital card app to help you streamline lesson preparation.

Practice app

The practice app allows students to continue to improve their automaticity in decoding with engaging games.

Progress monitoring

Standardized diagnostic probes allow educators to closely monitor progress.

Educator and administrator reports

Analytical reporting allows educators to see each student’s progress throughout the year.

Training resources

Embedded training modules and a pedagogical help desk get you started and maximize your students’ success.

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