Amplify CKLA in Action

Rich, engaging content is at the center of Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) curriculum and instruction. Students build subject area knowledge in history, science, literature, and the arts by learning to read and write. High-quality instructional materials built on the Science of Reading simplify your planning and provide the support and resources you need.

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Inside the Classroom


Follow along as a kindergarten class goes through an Amplify CKLA Skills Strand lesson on tricky words. Students review sounds and spellings using Large Letter Cards, engage with Student Readers, and receive explicit instruction from their teacher in both whole- and small-group settings.

Grade 1

In this Amplify CKLA Knowledge Strand lesson, students achieve reading proficiency with complex read-alouds, exposure to background knowledge, vocabulary practice, text-based discussions, and writing activities.

Grade 4

Watch students journey through a Quest for the Core™ in the Amplify CKLA lesson, Eureka! Student Inventor. These fourth-graders work in teams, combining research, writing, and presenting skills to become master inventors.


Knowledge at the center
When you put knowledge at the center of learning, an amazing thing happens: students get motivated and curious for more. They learn to read, and they learn to love reading.


Foundational skills to accelerate fluency
Watch students receive targeted, explicit instruction on sounds, spellings, and word automaticity in lessons designed to teach phonological awareness, decoding, and more.


Making teachers’ lives easier with high-quality instructional materials
Hear a teacher’s account of how Amplify CKLA gives teachers all the tools and support they need no matter how much experience they have.


Student engagement
Watch how much students enjoy learning about the latest topic and how eager they are to join classroom discussions. Teachers can see the increased engagement and the program’s results.


What teachers say


“I would highly recommend this program to any school … you see the confidence it builds within kids. It meets the needs of the socioeconomically disadvantaged kids, it meets the needs of EL kids. It meets the needs of all kids.”

Mike Iribarren
Principal, Alvina Elementary School, California


“[It] brought the joy back to teaching for me.”

Courtney Austin
Grade 5 Teacher, Bryant Elementary, California


“High-quality content matters to teachers, to kids, and to our collective future.”


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