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What's included

Through its research-based structure, Amplify CKLA maximizes the way students build background knowledge and foundational skills, reflecting what teachers, cognitive scientists, and researchers already know—a broad base of background knowledge and explicit foundational skills drive deeper reading comprehension.

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Year at a glance

Amplify CKLA PreK is a comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum designed to prepare young children academically, socially, and emotionally for later reading success by building foundational language and literacy skills. The program provides a flexible 45 minutes of interactive instruction.

Domains at a glance

Each domain in Amplify CKLA PreK provides explicit, systematic support for developing language, literacy, and content knowledge, incorporating developmentally appropriate routines and trade books to provide a robust, literacy-rich environment for young learners.

  • PreK domains

    Domain 1

    All About Me

    Routines used throughout the year are introduced. Students learn nursery rhymes and songs with movements connected to the topic.

    Skills: Students identify environmental noises, distinguish sounds, make rhymes, and learn that words are written in print. Students begin pre-writing activities.

    Domain 2

    Families and Communities

    Students learn about families, celebrations and traditions, and people who work and play in their community.

    Skills: Students focus on rhyme awareness and creating rhymes, recognizing syllables (parts) of spoken words, and continue handwriting practice.

    Domain 3


    This domain focuses on different types of animals, their basic needs, how they protect themselves, and other concepts.

    Skills: Students identify beginning sounds in spoken words and are introduced to the sound and “sound picture” for the letter ‘m’.

    Domain 4


    Students learn how plants live and grow and are introduced to the idea of cycles, a concept they will study in subsequent years.

    Skills: Students learn and practice the sounds and sound pictures for three new letters, and orally blend two-sound words.

    Domain 5


    Building on previous domains about plants and animals, students learn more about elements that make up a habitat and explore different habitats.

    Skills: Phonemic awareness is a central factor in this domain as students blend and segment three-sound words. Students learn four new sounds.

    Interspersed Domain

    Classic Tales

    Students are introduced to traditional stories and fables that have been favorites among children for generations.

    Interspersed Domain

    Important People in American History

    Students engage in read-alouds and engaging activities that deepen their understanding about important Americans who have changed or are changing how we live today.

Print & digital components

The program includes instructional guidance and student materials for a year of instruction, with lessons and activities that keep students engaged every day.

  • Teacher materials
    Component Format

    Teacher materials

    Teacher Guides (one per domain) include all instruction and a variety of assessment tools at point of use to support progress-monitoring.


    Classroom materials

    Rich resources for each domain include Flip Books, Image Cards, and Transition and Center Cards. The program also provides 3-4 Trade Books per domain, Nursery Rhyme and Songs Posters, and a Big Book for the Classic Tales domain.

  • Student materials
    Component Format

    Activity Pages

    Student resources are provided for classroom and home that reinforce content and skills through a direct application of newly taught material.


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