Frequently asked questions

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An illustration from Amplify CKLA


  • What is the underlying philosophy of Amplify CKLA?

  • What is the research basis behind Amplify CKLA?

  • What grade levels are covered and how is Amplify CKLA structured?

Program design

  • Why are there two strands of materials in K-2? How do the two strands work together?

  • What is the rationale underlying the K-2 Skills Strand of materials?

  • What is the rationale underlying the K-2 Knowledge Strand of materials?

  • Are there assessments?

  • How is writing taught in Amplify CKLA?

Alignment to the CCSS

  • How does the program support the instructional shifts that are critical to CCSS alignment?


  • What are the components of the Amplify CKLA program?