Exciting updates are coming for Amplify Science!

Amplify Science is launching several new and exciting features for back-to-school 2021 that will save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences you know your students deserve.

Two students learn crosscutting concepts on laptop

Exciting updates are coming for Amplify Science!

<p>Amplify Science is launching several new and exciting features for back-to-school 2021 that will save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences you know your students deserve.</p>

New K–5 digital experience

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Available for back to school 2021, Amplify Science will now offer a K–5 digital experience! This new feature makes instruction more flexible for both students and teachers in remote, hybrid, or in-person classrooms.

We’ll be using the 2021–22 school year to make (potentially substantial) changes to the experience with an eye toward a full Commercial Release for back to school 2022.

Watch a video overview:

This new digital experience will include:

For the teacher: For the student:

  • Assigning capabilities: Teachers have the capability to assign lessons for in-person instruction or asynchronously through Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or through their LMS by copying links.

  • Multiple teacher views: Teacher has access to a private teacher guide view and a class-facing presentation view. 

  • Student work review: Teachers have access to student work updates in real time or asynchronously, and also have the option to present student work to the class.

  • Individual student logins: Students now have their own access to slides, Sims, digital modeling tools, Student Books, and other digital activities. 

  • Pacing options: Students can be automatically navigated through the experience by the teacher during a live lesson or they can navigate themselves in student-paced mode. 

  • Fillable worksheets: Students now have the ability to draw and write responses to Student Investigation Notebook and copymaster activities using the new elementary worksheet activity type. 

  • Auto-save functionality: Student work is automatically saved and delivered to the teacher in real time.

Spanish Classroom Slides (grades 6–8)

To support dual-language classrooms and English learners, Classroom Slides for all lessons in grades 6–8 will be available in Spanish in the 2020-21 school year. Slides will be released on a rolling basis throughout the 2021–22 school year following the Integrated Course model. 

Coding Science Internship (grades 6–8)


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Developed in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, brand-new Coding Science Internships provide students with the opportunity to learn basic computer science concepts and practices in service of solving real-world problems.

One of the goals of the Coding Science Internships is to broaden participation in computer science by designing student learning experiences that challenge persistent barriers to equitable participation in computer science.By integrating computer science learning in core science courses, we aim to:

  • Increase access to positive experiences in computer science learning.
  • Make it easy for science teachers with a wide range of coding experience to implement.
  • Provide teachers with differentiated resources to support and engage all of their students.

Assign in Amplify

Assign in Amplify is a new feature that is now available for all Amplify Science customers in grades 6-8! Current users can click here to learn more about assigning activities and setting optional due dates. 

Assigning makes it easy to distribute middle school activities to your students with optional due dates. Teachers are able to quickly assign multiple activities simultaneously using the blue Assign button on the Lesson Brief. Teachers can also use the Assign button that is available in the header of each individual activity.

In addition to alerts for new feedback, students are notified about each activity you assign via the bell in the top right corner of their screen. Clicking a link from the bell menu redirects the student to the corresponding activity in the curriculum so they can complete the assignment. If the student receives more than five notifications for new assignments, a link to My Work will appear at the bottom of their menu so they can access the complete list of assignments.

Classwork submission notifications (grades 6–8)

The new Classwork submission notifications feature for grades 6–8 saves teachers time by alerting them to work to review. With quick links to new submissions, teachers can easily access student work from multiple classes and provide timely feedback.

A bell button will be located in the top right corner of the Classwork banner so teachers can access notifications. Each notification links to the work that must be reviewed so teachers can quickly jump into providing feedback for students. For submissions by a single student, teachers are linked to the individual student review screen.


Schoology Grade Sync (grades 6–8)

This update comes directly from feedback we received on the strain of transferring grades from the platform to your learning management systems and promises to ease your workload. Amplify Science for grades 6–8 will now feature Schoology sync functionality beginning Fall 2021. This helpful update will allow the sending of grades from the Amplify Science platform to the learning management grade book you are currently using.

Assign in Microsoft Teams (grades 6–8)

The ‘Assign in Microsoft Teams’ button offers middle school Amplify Science teachers the flexibility to integrate Amplify content with their class Teams. This feature is available for all student-facing activities and simplifies navigation by providing a direct link to the Amplify platform within Teams. The feature was piloted in 2020 and will become available to all middle school customers for back-to-school 2021.

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