Introducing digital experience for Amplify Science

Amplify Science—which has earned high ratings from EdReports—is now live with the new digital experience, a robust educational addition that enhances instruction and saves you time. With the digital experience, everything you need is in one place, making it easier than ever to plan lessons, present digital content, and review student work.

Read the review on EdReports.

Simplify planning and instruction

Make lesson planning easier with the digital experience tools.

  • Ready-to-use and customizable lesson presentation slides
  • Embedded prompts within the Teacher Guide view
  • One cohesive experience for students

View student work in real-time

Track data in real-time with the live review tool embedded within every digital experience lesson.

  • Keep an eye on all of your students as they write, record audio, draw, upload and capture images, and more. 
  • Spot and correct common misconceptions as they’re happening and praise students for their hard work.

Assign your way with LMS integrations

The digital experience integrates with various LMSs, allowing you and your students to access Amplify Science with the software you’re already comfortable using.

Introducing Student Home

Students can easily access all lessons on the digital experience from one simple dashboard. With the digital experience’s Student Home, your students have one intuitive access point to fully engage with classroom instruction.