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Amplify Math

Changing the conversation around problem-based learning

Amplify Math is different. It is designed around the idea that a core math curriculum needs to serve 100% of students in accessing grade-level math every day. To that end, the program delivers:

  • Engaging grade-level math lessons that are easier to teach
  • Flexible, social problem-solving experiences both online and off
  • Insights, data, and reporting that drive performance

Amplify Math Grades 6–8 and Algebra 1 are available to pilot starting July 2021.

Flexible social problem-solving experiences

Digital lessons should be powerful in their ability to surface student thinking and spark interesting and productive discussions. We’ve partnered with Desmos to bring this vision to life with our complete library of Amps—social, collaborative lessons powered by Desmos technology.

Intuitive and engaging student experience

Students work together and interact with the mathematics in real time to quickly see that reasoning and revising are important parts of math class.

Powerful teacher facilitation tools

Imagine knowing where your students are, what they think, what they might not get yet, and what needs to happen next. This is all possible with Amplify Math.

Insights, data, and reporting in Amplify Math drive performance for all learners. Want to learn more?

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Engaging lessons that are more teachable

Teaching problem-based math instruction should not be a Herculean effort. Amplify Math provides teachers with easy-to-follow instructional supports that makes implementing a problem-based program more effective and enjoyable for both you and your students.

Math in the program is social and collaborative. Our digital experience is fun and dynamic, with plenty of opportunities for students to talk through their reasoning, work with their peers, and gain new understandings.

Curious to learn more about what a social, problem-based classroom looks like?

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What is problem-based learning?

What they say What they mean
Gradual release or traditional programs We include problem-based learning in our lessons. Problem-based learning activities are included as warm-ups and neither students nor teachers are given enough time to think flexibly or test their reasoning.
Problem-based programs We are problem-based. We offer fantastic supports for teachers, but the thoroughness of the writing can make them hard to enact in the classroom. The problems are real and interesting, but maybe not very relevant to students.
Amplify Math We make problem-based learning easier to lead and more accessible for students. We’d like to prove it to you. Try one of our Experience Kits.

Infusing narrative into the math classroom

All students ask “Why do I need to know this? When am I ever going to use this in the real world?” Amplify Math helps students make the connections with math and their everyday lives to help them see and appreciate the relevance of the math they’re figuring out in class. Throughout the units, students will be introduced to historical and current narratives that show the many places mathematics inhabits in our world and how the work they do in class connects to our history and their own reality.

Infusing math instruction with history and storytelling can contribute to more equitable and exciting experiences for students. Learn more about building connections through storytelling and how this approach allows students to see themselves in math.

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Bring stories to your students about diverse mathematicians with mathematician profile activity cards.

Amplify Math pilot release schedule

Back to school 2021

Grades 6–8 + Algebra 1
Scope and Sequence

Back to school 2022

Accelerated Grades 6 + 7

Geometry + Algebra 2

Back to school 2023

Integrated I, II, III

Grades K–5

The Math Teacher Lounge is open!

Amplify + Desmos presents the Math Teacher Lounge, a video series with hosts Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer.