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Help your students finally conquer fractions.

Introducing Amplify Fractions: a digital program where adaptive learning meets storytelling to close the fractions gap, setting all students on the path to math success.

We’ve created guidance and resources to help meet your unique needs this school year. Find out more about our remote and hybrid learning resources.

We’re seeing some exciting early results! See our efficacy study to learn how students around the country are experiencing success with Amplify Fractions: read the quick overview or the full study.

A new approach to fractions

Amplify Fractions uniquely blends adaptive learning with interactive storytelling. The program includes interactive lessons, featuring fun and quirky characters, and unlimited practice problems. Teachers confirm that this approach keeps students “super-engaged” while helping them finally understand fractions.

What educators say

“It’s hard to find a program that truly engages students with learning, but that's exactly what I found with Amplify Fractions. It was amazing to see how much my students enjoyed the program. I can’t say enough about how excited my students were to interact with the lessons and, ultimately, want to learn fractions.”

Jessica 4th grade teacher, New Jersey

What educators say

“Amplify Fractions is an enjoyable experience for students that sneaks in the learning. My students cheered when I told them they would be working on the program.”

Rebecca 4th grade teacher, Georgia

What educators say

“Amplify Fractions does an excellent job of explaining fractions in all of their complexity. It strengthens students' understanding of multiplication, division, and fractions through stories that grab their attention.”

Gail 4th/5th grade math interventionist, Michigan

Story-driven instruction that truly engages all students

Through quirky stories, fractions are taught with purpose, real-world context, and humor. Lessons are interactive, adapting to individual student responses.

Personalizing feedback from a digital tutor 

Students receive real-time feedback via a patented digital tutor that talks to them and draws on their screen, replicating a 1:1 learning experience through technology.

Unlimited, adaptive practice 

Lessons come with accompanying practice that students can access at any time to review and reinforce skills.

Built from research 

All content is tied to learning progressions, which takes advantage of decades of research into how students learn and understand fractions.

Why Amplify Fractions?

Amplify Fractions is concept-driven, based on a meticulous learning progression and research into how students learn fractions. It is a program like no other, leveraging years of research into personalized instruction and story-based learning, with an emphasis on student understanding.

Double Churches Elementary School (Columbus, GA), 4th grade.

Maple Parent Cooperative School (Edmonds, WA), 3rd grade.

Metz Westminster Elementary School (Golden, CO), 5th grade.

Amplify Fractions works

Students in our pilot schools saw significant improvement on pre- vs. post-assessments, with an average increase of 23 percentage points. See more of our research.

What experts say

“Fractions are the single greatest predictor of high school math achievement, independent of other types of mathematical knowledge, general intellectual ability, working memory, and family income and education.”

Siegler, et. al. "Early Predictors of High School Mathematics Achievement.", Psychological Science. (2012)

How it works

Amplify Fractions uses highly interactive story-driven lessons, personalized feedback, and adaptive practice to create a super engaging way for students to understand fractions.

It all starts with story-driven instruction.

Quirky stories present real-world problems that can be solved with the use of fractions. Students interact with embedded assessments and digital manipulatives that seamlessly adapt to provide additional instruction and 1:1 support via a digital tutor where needed.

Digital tutor along for the ride

Students get immediate feedback via our digital tutor, who can talk to them and draw on their screen using the same manipulatives that were used in the lesson. When students get stuck, there’s always a helping hand.

Practice makes perfect

Practice problems support each lesson to ensure student understanding. The experience is adaptive, with unlimited opportunities to review and keep fraction skills sharp.

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