What's included in our literacy curriculum for 6–8

Amplify ELA is a blended literacy curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8. The heart of every lesson is the text. Our core English Language Arts curriculum enables teachers to teach skills through texts and develop their students’ muscles for building meaning through reading. With Amplify ELA, students learn to attack any complex text and make observations, grapple with interesting ideas, and find relevance for themselves.

Year at a glance

Each grade includes six units centered on literary or informational texts, delivered in several forms of media. Your classroom will also benefit from two to three immersive learning experiences called Quests and a dedicated Story Writing unit.

Units at a glance

Amplify ELA lessons follow a structure both grounded in regular routines and flexible enough to allow for a variety of learning experiences. Lesson structures vary from day to day, ensuring that students are always engaged.

  • Grade 6 Units

  • Grade 7 Units

  • Grade 8 Units

Print & digital components

The program includes instructional guidance and student materials for a year of instruction, with lessons and activities that keep students engaged every day.

  • Teacher materials

  • Student materials

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