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We are the program for middle school.

Amplify ELA is a blended curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8. With Amplify ELA, students learn to tackle any complex text and make observations, grapple with interesting ideas, and find relevance for themselves.

We’ve created guidance and resources to help meet your unique needs this school year. Find out more about our remote and hybrid learning resources.

Students are engaged through dynamic texts, lively classroom discussions, and meaningful digital experiences. Request a free sample of Amplify ELA to see for yourself.


Built for middle school teachers and students

Built specifically for middle school, Amplify ELA is an interactive core curriculum that brings complex texts to life. Amplify ELA inspires students to read more deeply, write more vividly, and think more critically.

All-green rating on EdReports

The results are in! Amplify ELA received a near-perfect score by the independent review group.

Our approach

We are the program for middle school teachers, offering rich texts that are a delight to teach, better connections with your students through powerful differentiation and assessment tools, and step-by-step instructional guides that save you time and simplify your day. See the research behind the program.

We empower students to become critical thinkers.

With text always at the center, students are encouraged to make meaning for themselves. They develop ideas and opinions on real-world, relevant texts, instead of focusing on right or wrong answers.

We provide opportunities for all students to work “up.”

Multiple entry points and differentiated supports allow every student, regardless of fluency or ability level, to engage deeply with the same complex texts and rigorous curriculum.

We assess while you instruct.

Formative assessment reports provide a continually updated picture of how each student is progressing with key skills and standards. Each learning moment provides a small piece of data, allowing you to keep teaching while building a clear understanding of student performance.

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Beyond “make it fun”: Four principles of true engagement in middle school ELA

What's included

Rigorous core curriculum that empowers teachers and engages middle school students

Student edition

Available digitally and in print, the student materials guide middle schoolers through complex texts and writing by:

  • engaging students with high-quality narrative and informational texts
  • providing videos, audio supports, and digital experiences that capture their attention
  • keeping all of their writing in one place with the personal writing journal


Teacher edition

Available digitally and in print, the Teacher’s Edition contains all of the information teachers need to facilitate classroom instruction, including:

  • detailed lesson plans
  • video teacher tips embedded in the lesson
  • standards alignment and exit tickets
  • real-time differentiation strategies
  • robust reporting


Interactive Quests

Quests are fun, week-long explorations where students practice analytical reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills all while building a strong classroom community.

Digital library for independent reading

Amplify Library: Our expansive digital library includes more than 650 fiction and nonfiction, classic, and contemporary titles.

Amplify ELA makes teachers' lives easier

We help teachers make sure the standards are covered, the skills are taught, your students are scaffolded and encouraged, and the test is prepped.

  • Embedded differentiation to support all readers
  • Informative and streamlined assessment system
  • Robust reporting that tracks progress
  • Powerful feedback tools


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