Amplify LAUSD Tutoring

LAUSD is offering students two different types of tutoring support this year: on-demand homework help and high-dosage tutoring. Amplify Tutoring is a high-dosage virtual tutoring program designed from research on how to build reading proficiency and confidence among LAUSD’s K–6 students.

This site will provide guidance for school administrators to launch Amplify Tutoring on their campus.

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What is high-dosage tutoring?

Frequent and consistent: Small groups of up to five students meet virtually with the same tutor three days per week for 30-minute sessions.

HQIM: Tutoring is grounded in mCLASS® Intervention Lessons – high-quality, tutor-friendly instructional materials.

Data-Driven: Lessons target students’ literacy needs using MCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition and mCLASS Intervention assessment and progress monitoring data.

Training focused: Amplify tutors receive initial and ongoing coaching and professional development to ensure quality instruction for students.

What will tutoring look like at my school?

Supplements school-day learning: All tutoring will be provided Monday through Friday between 2:15-4:30 p.m.

Three days per week: Amplify Tutoring sessions will be held three days per week. Schools will work with Amplify to select the days that work best for their students.

Access through Schoology: Students will access their tutoring sessions by logging into the Amplify Tutoring platform through Schoology.

Ongoing support: School staff and families can participate in drop-in information sessions. Family information sessions will be available in both English and Spanish.

Getting started!

Amplify partners with schools to ensure students are grouped by their specific literacy needs and assigned to a well-trained, consistent tutor. See the sample launch timeline. Click here to download the full Amplify Tutoring LAUSD School Implementation Guide.


School Checklist Launch Date
  • Complete the scheduling form (View video and complete)
  • Confirm your projected launch date and initial tutoring schedule with your program manager
Two Weeks Prior to Launch
10 Days Prior to Launch
  • Conduct final check between school and Amplify Tutoring team.
Four Days Prior to Launch

Complete the scheduling form to connect with an Amplify team member to begin planning implementation in your school/district.

Extending the reach of your classroom educators


Amplify Tutoring seamlessly extends teachers’ reach by leveraging the tools and resources LAUSD educators know and trust. Amplify will collaborate with schools in order to identify which students need the most support so our services can be targeted effectively. Both mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition data, as well as teacher referrals, will be used to identify the students who will benefit the most from tutoring support. Teachers have access to all tutors’ lessons and can see all progress monitoring data that tutors collect through mCLASS Intervention. mCLASS Intervention lessons are:

  • Grounded in data.
  • Tutor-friendly and easy to follow.
  • Delivered with progress monitoring cycles with mCLASS.


To ensure the highest quality tutoring instruction, Amplify provides robust training for tutors, as well as ongoing coaching and professional development. In addition, we offer webinar recordings featuring tips and best practices for supporting Amplify Tutoring, as well as information on how to access tutoring lessons and progress data in mCLASS.

Program management

Amplify has a dedicated team of associate directors, program managers, and tutor coaches that will oversee the high-dosage tutoring programs in LAUSD schools. The Amplify team has extensive experience as district, school, and teacher leaders. Our national work in diverse communities with high populations of English learners, students with disabilities, at-promise and foster youth informs our efforts as we strive to provide the best education to students.

Additional resources

To support a smooth implementation of your Amplify Tutoring program, we are providing additional resources for educators and parents/caregivers.

Resources for educators