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CKLA DEI and Social Justice Guides

The following guide offers an overview of the many ways that the Amplify CKLA program supports students’ understanding of issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Our promise

Developed in partnership with the Core Knowledge Foundation, Amplify CKLA promises:

  • A unique research-based approach based on the Science of Reading.
  • A combination of explicit foundational skills instruction with meaningful content knowledge.
  • An instructional design that levels the playing field for every child.
  • Superior results.

Before you explore the program on your own, watch this program walkthrough.

Built on the Science of Reading

Watching students learn to read: magic. Knowing how they get there: science.

What does the Science of Reading really mean? What does it tell us about how to teach? How can we bring those insights and practices into our classrooms (remote or otherwise)? We believe CKLA has the answers.

Supports Orton-Gillingham and LETRS

CKLA brings the instructional principles recommended by Orton-Gillingham and LETRS to life in the classroom.

  • Structured–Concepts are taught through consistent routines
  • Sequential–Concepts are taught in a logical, well-planned sequence
  • Systematic–Phonemes are taught from simplest to most complex
  • Explicit–Decoding and encoding concepts are taught directly and explicitly
  • Multi-sensory–Instruction is delivered through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways
  • Cumulative–Concepts are applied in decodable, connected text with constant review and reinforcement

Watch a CKLA grade 1 Skills Lesson in action by clicking the video.

What students read

Amplify CKLA puts a variety of texts in the hands of students every day to build and strengthen background knowledge and vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, and decoding and fluency skills.

Reading and comprehension activities utilize:

  • Authentic books.
  • Authentic text passages.
  • Student Readers.
  • Novel Guides (grades 3–5).

Access and equity

We believe we have a responsibility to provide literacy instruction that gives every student the same opportunity to succeed and excel.

We know that early reading affects achievement throughout school and beyond—well into college and career. Yet most literacy programs continue to fall short of supporting early literacy success. That’s why we’re so proud that CKLA is helping close the reading gap between students within diverse communities.

The missing piece

CKLA is aligned with programs you already know and use—mCLASS and Amplify Reading—making the integration between systems, your implementation, and ongoing instructional planning more efficient, effective, and easy for your teachers.

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