Welcome, G6 LAUSD principals and teachers!

Thank you for considering Amplify ELA – the only ELA curriculum truly designed for students entering the middle grades.

Scroll down to learn how ELA is uniquely designed to help all your sixth graders make learning leaps in literacy.

Our promise

Developed specifically for the needs of students entering the middle grades, Amplify ELA is a blended curriculum that promises:

  • A structured, yet flexible approach.
  • Carefully crafted, age-appropriate materials and activities that aren’t too “babyish” or too mature.
  • Complex, content-rich literature and informational texts that ensure ample opportunities for students to encounter both “windows and mirrors”.
  • Highly engaging lessons that keep adolescents plugged in and motivated to learn.
  • An instructional design that levels the playing field for every student.
  • Superior results.

Before you explore the program on your own, watch the program intro video on the right.

Access, engagement, and equity

Every student has the right to read, engage in class, and have an equal chance at success.

It’s this principle that guides our content creation and curation, and our dedication to reaching every student where they are.

In Amplify ELA, all students read the same text with the help of differentiated supports. In other words, we don’t dumb things down; we bring students up. Our robust collection of texts and research-based approach to instruction not only engage students, but build confidence.

General English Learners

With Amplify ELA’s integrated and designated ELD support, general English learners are given a chance to shine.

Embedded supports enable students to engage with and participate in discussion of grade-level texts with their grade-level peers.

Access Demo

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Access the ELA Digital Platform

First, watch the quick navigation video to the right. Then login using the button below.

  • Click the ELA Teacher Platform button below.
  • Select Log in with Amplify.
  • Enter the username lausdreviewer@tryamplify.net.
  • Enter the password AmplifyNumber1.


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Contact us

Looking to speak directly with your LAUSD representative? Get in touch with a team member by emailing ela.lausd@amplify.com or by calling us directly.

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