Professional Development with the ELAT Project

Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project (ELAT) Professional Development

Professional Development Available!

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Colorado Department of Education

Professional Development for all Schools in the ELAT Project


Professional Development Opportunities

In partnership with CDE, we’re excited to offer a number of opportunities for Colorado educators in the ELAT (Early Literacy Assessment Tool) Project this school year. 

Coaching is now available!

ELAT wide sessions for Data Analysis for Leaders and Zones of Growth will be available in November.  Use this survey to hold your spot!

Are you interesting in having a coaching session with an Amplify trainer?  Complete this survey to start the process!

  • Do you have teachers who still need to be trained to use DIBELS 8 or Lectura?  Use the following surveys to sign up for training
  • Each school may have one person from your building trained to be a DIBELS 8 trainer. The train the trainer sessions will be remote sessions offered at various times this summer and fall.  Use this survey to sign up for the train the trainer sessions.

Please direct any questions about ELAT Professional Development to Kim Ballantyne, PD Strategist, at

If you have questions related to CDE, please contact Anji Gallanos.

Self-paced online mClass courses

Limited online asynchronous courses are available at this link.


A limited number of mClass DIBELS 8 asynchronous courses are available for educators who cannot attend a remote or in-person training session.  After completing this course participants will be prepared to administer the mClass DIBELS 8 assessment.


If you have questions about this course, please let Kim Ballantyne know! Seats are free as part of your participation in ELAT.

mCLASS with DIBELS 8th Edition Scoring Practice

PSF – Phonemic Segmentation Fluency

NWF – Nonsense Word Fluency

WRF – Word Reading Fluency

ORF – Oral Reading Fluency

mCLASS Lectura Scoring Practice

FNL – Fluidez en nombrar letras

FSS – Fluidez en la segmentación de sílabas

QQ – ¿Qué queda?

  • G2 Easy             YouTube    

FSL – Fluidez en los sonidos de letras

LSS – Fluidez en los sonidos de sílabas

  • G1 Easy                YouTube   
  • GK Challenge      YouTube   

FEP – Fluidez en la lectura de palabras

  • G1 Easy                YouTube    
  • G3 Medium           YouTube    

FLO – Fluidez en la lectura oral

  • G1 Easy                 YouTube    
  • G3 Medium           YouTube  
  • G1 Challenge        YouTube  
  • G4 Challenge        YouTube   

Participant Materials

Participation notebooks for both DIBELS 8 and Lectura can be found at this link.

Training Surveys

Use this link to complete the survey for your training.  Your trainer will provide you with a 6 digit code to complete the survey.