Exciting updates are coming for Amplify Science!

Amplify Science is launching several new and exciting features as you return to school in 2022. They’ll save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences you know your students deserve.

Two students learn Amplify Science crosscutting concepts on laptop

Interactive Classroom

Additional purchase required

Our Amplify Science K–5 Interactive Classroom experience is getting even better for the upcoming school year. We’ll continue to offer the same great features we debuted in the 2021–2022 school year, plus new, exciting updates based on user feedback!

For teachers, Interactive Classroom licenses include:

  • NEW Teacher Home: A new space to access recently assigned lessons and quickly view student work.  
  • NEW MyAmplify for Google Slides: Easily edit presentation decks to make them truly fit your classroom and upload them back to Interactive Classroom.  
  • Digital notebooks pages: Use the digital notebook pages to model work for students! You also have the flexibility of having students complete their work on paper or digitally (see below). 
  • Streamlined Resources: Enjoy the same Google Slides decks teachers already love with integrated sims, videos, books, apps, and digital notebook pages. 
  • Teach: Slides-based lesson experience with class presentation and private teacher guide view.
  • Assign: Capability to assign lessons for in-person asynchronous instruction through Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or through LMS by copying links.
  • Monitor Progress & Review Work: Watch students’ thinking unfold in real time using View Work. Student work is automatically saved and updated as their thoughts emerge.
  • NEW Interactive Classroom Spanish: Purchase a Spanish license to easily present in English, Spanish, or both during the same class with a Spanish toggle.

For students, Interactive Classroom licenses include:

  • Student Home: A personal landing space allows students to express their mood and quickly find the lessons assigned by their teacher. 
  • Digital notebooks pages: Students are able to complete Investigation Notebook pages on paper or digitally. When done digitally, teachers can see their work in real-time (see above). 
  • Student Lessons & Activities: Students have easy access to digital lesson content, with slides, videos, digital books, apps, and worksheet activities embedded at point-of-use. 

For administrators, Interactive Classroom includes:

  • Admin Reports: a NEW feature that lets district administrators analyze activation and usage metrics to understand how teachers and students are accessing the digital experience.


Learn more about the features that are currently available for districts with Interactive Classroom licenses.

Simplified planning and navigation

Amplify has a unified and streamlined planning and navigation experience that includes:

  • A new Global Navigation Menu with easy access to programs and essential apps.
  • A fresh Unit Overview page that reduces the number of clicks it takes to get to a lesson.

One Amplify sign-on

New for the 2022 school year: one central location to access Amplify Science and all your other Amplify programs. Simply visit and bookmark learning.amplify.com to log in!

Note: Users who log in through Clever and Classlink will continue with the same process.

Are you a school or district administrator?

For this upcoming school year, we’ve made improvements!

  • We’ve streamlined our process for both Curriculum and Assessment customers to only have to send their data once.
  • We’ve launched Amplify’s Admin Portal, a new tool for staff to view and manage their enrollment data and program access.
  • We’ve enhanced our systems to process new roster information within 24 hours.

Find guidance on the enrollment process and additional support resources.
Amplify new features admin portal screen

Disclaimer: Please contact your Amplify Representative to confirm if these updates are available within your district.