The 6–8 ELAR solution for Texas Home Learning

Your TEKS-aligned Texas language arts and reading core and supplemental resources have been built specifically for middle school learners—wherever their learning takes place.

What is Amplify ELAR?

Amplify ELAR Texas is a high-interest TEKS-aligned blended language arts and reading curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8. With Amplify ELAR, students learn to tackle any complex text by making observations, grappling with interesting ideas, and finding relevance for themselves. Students are engaged through dynamic texts, lively classroom discussions, and meaningful digital experiences.


  • Full TEKS coverage: Standards are clearly labeled in each lesson, so teachers can save time planning and get back to what they love: teaching.
  • Five levels of differentiation: Based on each student’s needs and the performance measures within Amplify ELAR reports, a teacher can choose the differentiation level that’s right for everyone.
  • Embedded assessments: Teachers benefit from uninterrupted instructional time and a continuously updated picture of each student’s progress with key skills and standards.
  • Powerful feedback tools: Comprehensive tools help teachers maximize both the quantity and quality of feedback.
  • Robust reporting: Our Reporting app offers information on student progress to inform instructional decisions.
  • All in one place: Embedded teacher support, differentiation tools, student data, text, and other curriculum features—all right at your fingertips.



Built to engage your students

Amplify ELAR Texas includes rich multimedia resources designed to engage all your students, wherever they’re learning. Linked directly within the digital program, these resources will allow your students to access text in new ways. This innovative way for students to interact with the text they are presented will expand their personal comprehension toolkit while opening up a new world of literature.

Amplify Reading Texas 6–8

Amplify Reading Texas: 6–8 Edition is a digital reading program for grades 6–8, designed to teach analytic reading through instruction and practice using both literary and informational texts. The program takes the form of an interactive graphic novel called The Last Readers, in three “books” of 6–8 chapters.

Professional learning

Amplify employs a national cohort of 50+ ELA facilitators, all of whom have experience as former classroom teachers and many of whom are former school and/or district leaders. Our professional learning team has decades of experience working with large districts across the nation. Amplify has experience supporting district launches over multiple years and has partnered with districts of all sizes nationwide. We develop deep partnerships with districts, tailoring professional learning to their unique needs.

Two teachers using a laptop for professional learning


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