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Supplemental curriculum programs

Amplify’s supplemental programs in ELA and math focus on essential concepts in these critical subjects, captivating students with immersive experiences while building skills
that are foundational to future academic success.

Amplify CKLA Skills

Amplify CKLA Skills—the first foundational reading program to earn all-green ratings from EdReports—offers the explicit skills instruction needed in today’s K-5 classrooms. Designed for Tier 1 support and built on a systematic scope and sequence, it provides teachers with clear, rigorous instructional materials; high-engagement classroom manipulatives; and decodable books written by popular, award-winning writers. The program solidifies the development of critical skills like phonological awareness, phonics, alphabetic principles, grammar, and writing.


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Amplify Fractions

Amplify Fractions is an immersive, highly engaging math program for grades 3–6 that offers a new approach to learning fractions through a blend of adaptive learning and interactive storytelling. With lessons that adapt to their individual needs, students learn fractions through playful storylines and real-world contexts. Amplify Fractions also features personalized, real-time feedback through a first-of-its-kind digital tutor who talks to students, draws on their screen, and helps them overcome their misconceptions.


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Amplify Reading

Amplify Reading is a Science of Reading-based personalized learning program for grades K–5 that leverages the power of compelling storytelling to engage students in reading instruction and practice. The program provides each learner with the specific support they need and helps achieve off-the-charts reading growth. Amplify Reading is a 2020 CODiE Award finalist and recipient of Digital Promise’s Research-Based Design product certification.


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Amplify Close Reading

Amplify Close Reading is an immersive supplemental reading program for grades 6–8 that engages students through an interactive graphic novel. Through high-interest storytelling and guided instruction, the program motivates middle schoolers to question what they read, think critically, and build the close reading skills that will spark success in high school and beyond.


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