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Rated all-green on EdReports, Amplify CKLA Skills teaches foundational skills in a systematic and explicit way.

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Empower your students’ future. Make skills a priority.

Built on a systematic scope and sequence, Amplify CKLA Skills offers the explicit skills instruction needed in today’s classrooms.

Amplify CKLA Skills is the first foundational skills program to earn an all-green rating from EdReports. View the report.

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Powerful foundational skills

Amplify CKLA Skills is a research-based supplemental skills program built on experts’ latest findings on how children learn to read. You can use it to supplement your core ELA practice with focused lessons that help you make skills a priority in your literacy block.

What educators say

“Amplify CKLA Skills helped us have systematic phonics so that we could make sure we were doing the direct teaching that our students needed. We’re seeing that, over time, we don’t have to fill in those gaps because they’re not actually created in the first place.”

Heidi Academic director, Exceed Charter School

Proven program awarded Amplify CKLA Skills with full points in its foundational skills criteria.

Ease of use

Rigorous instruction supports new and experienced teachers alike, no matter how many minutes are available.

Classroom engagement

Decodable chapter-books with dynamic stories and characters make learning to read rewarding.

Systematic coverage

Our K–2 literacy curriculum features phonics instruction. Amplify CKLA Skills teaches all 44 sounds and their 150 spellings in a logical sequence that builds independence.

Why Amplify CKLA Skills?

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Download the guide the latest research on learning to read.

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