Crack the code with literacy skills instruction that works.

The Amplify CKLA Skills program helps establish strong reading foundations in your K–2 classrooms. Students practice reading and communicating every day. Their literacy skills grow alongside their confidence.

Amplify CKLA Skills is grounded in Science of Reading research and was the first foundational skills program to earn all-green scores on EdReports. Read the review.

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image of CKLA Skills supplemental literacy skills program materials

Perfect for any literacy block.

Use the powerful foundational literacy skills in Amplify CKLA Skills to supplement your core English Language Arts (ELA) program with focused lessons that fit any literacy block.

Interested in the full curriculum, including knowledge building? Explore the comprehensive Amplify CKLA program.

“Amplify CKLA Skills helped us have systematic phonics so that we could make sure we were doing the direct teaching that our students needed. We’re seeing that, over time, we don’t have to fill in those gaps because they’re not actually created in the first place.”

Heidi Academic Director, Exceed Charter School

Our approach

Starting with sounds, students practice their phonemic awareness, handwriting skills, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. They become aware of the connection between reading and writing, building confidence along the way.

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image of foundations of reading and literacy skills

Explicit, systematic instruction that works for students and teachers

Amplify CKLA Skills’ research-based scope and sequence progresses from simple to more complex skill development, starting with phonological and phonemic awareness. Instruction guides you in explicitly teaching the 150 spellings for the 44 sounds of English, with an intentional progression and review of skills to set your students up for success.

Daily 60-minute lessons cover all skills standards.

Instruction includes print and phonological awareness, sound-letter patterns, decoding and encoding, writing mechanics, and writing structure and processes. Ready-made presentation slides help you effectively deliver each lesson.

image of foundational literacy skills by year for CKLA Skills
image of CKLA Skills supplemental K-2 literacy program materials

Decodable readers help students crack the code.

Amplify CKLA readers are 100 percent decodable, which means they include only words with letter-sound correspondences that have been explicitly taught. The readers are colorful fiction and nonfiction chapter books that kids love! In Grades K–1, visual supports such as underlined and bolded text scaffold students, while Big Book versions may be used for teacher modeling. Readers are also available as audio-enhanced e-books.

Learn more about the decodable readers here.

Amplify CKLA Skills was the first foundational skills program to earn all-green scores on EdReports.

What's included

Amplify CKLA Skills includes engaging print and digital materials for comprehensive and effective learning.

image of students practicing literacy skills with CKLA Skills reading materials
image of CKLA Skills K-2 supplemental literacy skills readers and digital materials

High-quality teacher materials

Amplify CKLA Skills teachers effectively deliver instruction with print and digital resources, including:

  • Teacher Guides with embedded differentiation.
  • Formal and informal assessments.
  • Ready-made and customizable lesson slides.
  • Teacher resources and on-demand professional development.

Immersive student resources

Amplify CKLA Skills students stay engaged with a variety of print and digital resources, including:

  • Original decodables and read-aloud Big Books.
  • Student Activity Books with embedded assessments.
  • A digital Sound Library with recordings, animated videos, and fun karaoke-style songs.
image of CKLA Skills K-2 literacy program for foundational reading skills
image of literacy skills activities

Hands-on phonics materials

Multisensory phonics and foundational skills resources help students practice key skills using fun, varied approaches that build independence.

  • Chaining Folder (K)
  • Letter Cards (K–2)
  • Syllable Cards (K–2)
  • Image Cards (K–3)
  • Blending Picture Cards (K)
  • Consonant and Vowel Code Flip Books (1–2)
  • Exclusive digital Sound Library

Robust digital experience

Amplify CKLA Skills teacher and student resources are available through a digital experience platform that enhances instruction and saves you time. With everything you need in one place, you can effectively plan lessons, present content, and review student work.

  • Ready-made yet customizable lesson presentation slide decks
  • Dynamic live-review student tool
  • Interactive and student-friendly experience
  • LMS integration
  • Recorded Read-Alouds
  • Professional development website
  • Real-time program support via email, live chat, and phone
image of CKLA Skills K-2 supplemental literacy skills program digital materials