Powerful, personalized reading instruction that engages students and saves teachers time

Boost Reading is our personalized reading program for grades K–5. Its captivating storylines engage students in powerful reading instruction and practice. Whether students are learning to read fluently or sharpening their comprehension skills, Boost Reading accelerates their growth while freeing educators up to work with small groups or individual students.

Science of Reading-based support for every student

Students come to school with a range of abilities and achieve mastery at different rates. Providing each learner with the specific support they need to progress can be challenging. Enter Boost Reading’s personalized reading literacy program.

“Your team has taken a weight off my shoulders and I am so grateful and can’t thank you enough! My biggest concern during this time was how can I keep pushing my readers at their level—and giving them what they need—and Boost Reading solved that.”

Jeanine 2nd-grade teacher, Chicago, IL

“This program is extremely engaging and interactive for each student. They begged to get on Boost Reading and they cried when it was time to log off! This program is a great addition to our curriculum.”

Brittany 2nd grade teacher, Utah

“My students love the program, and they don't even realize they are learning some tough concepts. Their reading scores are improving even since the beginning of the year.”

Amber Junior High ELA teacher, California

Our approach

Leveraging compelling storytelling and the latest research, Boost Reading helps students achieve true mastery of the concepts they need to become strong, life long readers. See the research behind the program.

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More than a digital worksheet

Built on the Science of Reading, Boost Reading offers a fresh, modern program that builds on student strengths while adapting to their needs.

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A program students love

Boost Reading offers an out-of-this world learning experience for students. The program’s age-appropriate narratives create a learning experience that leaps off the screen.

The right experience for every student

The program meets all students where they are with powerful individualized instruction and practice, enabling student growth at all reading levels.

Proven results

Boost Reading works. Efficacy studies show significant growth for students using Boost Reading. In as little as 30 minutes a week, Boost Reading accelerates growth for all students and helps multilingual learners close the gap with their peers. Learn more here.

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Comprehension processes: The missing link in reading comprehension

Program highlights

Full adaptivity

Students of Boost Reading use digital texts that adapt to their needs via an adaptive algorithm that unlocks each book at the exact right point in a reader’s development.

Personalized instruction

Boost Reading adapts to each reader’s unique needs across 13 skill areas, sending students on their own personalized reading journey. The programs offer both remediation and enrichment through a comprehensive range of instruction—from foundational skills to comprehension to close reading.

Research-based games in Amplify Reading

Engagement engineering

Using the science behind engagement and motivation, Boost Reading is built to deliver compelling narrative experiences that speak to students’ stories of growth and development. This personal connection allows students to directly map their progress in the storyline to their reading effort and growth, helping them understand the value of effort and practice.

Based on the Science of Reading

Boost Reading is built on the latest research in the Science of Reading. It provides the explicit, systematic foundational skills essential for every student—and it goes beyond. It’s the only program that focuses on the things our brain does while we’re reading that allow us to make sense of text—also known as comprehension processes. Learn more about comprehension processes on Science of Reading: The Podcast.

Instruction based on student data

Boost Reading features an automatic placement tool that requires no prior assessment. The program is able to pinpoint the most effective starting point for each student and provide them an engaging reading program personalized for their exact individual needs. The program also integrates directly with Amplify’s mCLASS® with DIBELS® 8th Edition assessment as well as other third party assessments.

Reports at every level

Boost Reading provides actionable insights into students’ reading development across 13 literacy skill domains. The program creates reports for classroom teachers, literacy specialists, principals and district leaders, and even parents and caregivers at home.

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