Frequently asked questions about our elementary & middle school science curriculum

Still have questions? We have answers. Check out the following FAQ.

An illustration of two animals from Amplify Science

Program questions

  • What exactly is included in Amplify Science?

  • Does your middle school curriculum support the integrated model of instruction or the discipline-specific model?

  • Are the units themselves integrated?

  • Does your curriculum include hands-on activities?

  • Is the curriculum appropriate for STEM programs?

  • What are your connections to CCSS ELA and CCSS Math?

  • Do you include summative assessments (preparation for high-stakes tests)?

  • Do I have to teach the program in the suggested sequence?

  • Our school curriculum requires 180 days of instruction. Will Amplify Science have enough lessons to fill out a school year?

  • How many minutes per day should I devote to Amplify Science?

Technical questions

To ensure that your hardware and network meet the minimum technical requirements for optimal performance and support of your digital curriculum products please see Amplify’s customer requirements page.