Amplify professional development

When you grow, your students grow. Whether you are implementing our programs for the first time or strengthening instructional practices in year two and beyond, our goal is to support your professional growth and help all students succeed.

Partner with our team to select and personalize the professional development package options that best fit the needs of your teachers and leaders.

Professional development overview

We know that every school and district is different. We offer flexible delivery options in order to best partner with you and meet your learning needs.

Professional development programming includes packages or sessions with a variety of on-site or virtual modalities that orient you to the full features of your Amplify program.

Personalize your learning experience by adding enhancement sessions to your base packages.


Launch sessions introduce Amplify programs and support strong implementation.

After learning about the program’s foundational principles and key features, you’ll practice administering the program within a collaborative environment.


Strengthen sessions deepen understanding of the program. Session offerings are targeted and meant to take your practice—and your students’ learning—to the next level.

Offered as part of core packages as well as enhancements, Strengthen sessions are intended to effectively address your students’ needs. Examples include:

  • A focus on data analysis
  • Examining student writing
  • Targeted intervention instruction



Coach sessions elevate instructional practice and help meet teachers’ and schools’ specific needs.

Partner with an Amplify coach who will support you in planning a day tailored to meet the needs of teachers and/or leaders. Your customized session will leverage our menu of support, which can include:

  • Lesson modeling by an Amplify facilitator
  • Classroom observations and debriefs
  • Grade-level planning

Coach sessions are customized to you with an Amplify facilitator.


Flexible delivery options

No matter which of Amplify’s core, assessment, supplemental, or intervention programs you’ve adopted, our professional development packages and sessions accommodate learning modalities from on-site and virtual to self-paced online courses—and anything in between.

On-site sessions

On-site sessions are delivered by a live Amplify facilitator at the customer’s preferred location and support up to 30 participants.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are delivered remotely by an Amplify facilitator in real time and support up to 30 participants.

Self-paced sessions

Self-paced sessions include an on-demand subscription to an asynchronous online course.

Order and payment support

If you’re ready to submit your price quote, purchase order, or payment, visit our Ordering Support site for more information.


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Biliteracy supports

Sessions are available to support educators teaching with both Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos core programs or mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition and Lectura assessment programs.

Facilitated in both English and Spanish, these specialized sessions should be scheduled for biliteracy teachers using both curricula and/or assessments. Substitute a biliteracy session for the 6-hour Initial training in your package, or add these sessions on to your package for your biliteracy teachers.

Speak to our team to learn more!

Frequently asked questions

We value your partnership and aim to provide you with the highest quality learning experiences. Check out our frequently asked PD questions below, along with responses.


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Additional learning

Once you become an Amplify customer, you’ll have access to many opportunities to continue learning how to get the most out of your Amplify program(s).

To get a sense of our support, check out some of our free resources like:

Community of collaboration

Listen to Science of Reading advocates and fellow educators on our podcasts and connect with them in our program-specific Facebook communities to ask pedagogical questions, share Amplify teaching hacks, and more. Join a community or tune into one of our podcasts today:

Amplify customers can join our exclusive, program-specific Facebook communities to ask pedagogical questions, share Amplify teaching hacks, and more!

Our experts

We are educators supporting educators. Every member of Amplify’s national team of highly experienced and qualified facilitators is a former educator with years of hands-on classroom and/or administrative experience. Our facilitators are passionate about supporting educators in the implementation of their Amplify programs and creating transformational change for all students.