Invest in high-quality professional development

Amplify’s professional development provides a variety of learning experiences over multiple years to incrementally develop and apply the knowledge and skills needed for effective and self-sustaining implementation.

Gain insights into effective instructional techniques, and develop a deeper understanding of your Amplify program(s) by investing in professional development.

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The foundation for long-lasting and sustainable change

Partner with members of our professional learning team to plan long-lasting and sustainable change for your school or district. Change is more likely to stick and get results with deliberate planning. We can support you through this journey to drive your professional improvement, enrich your instructional practice, and increase student impact.

Professional learning journey




You’ll understand research-based practices to support new program implementation. You’ll build the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to begin teaching with your Amplify program(s). You’ll refine instructional skills, expand knowledge of your Amplify program(s), and explore more advanced instructional strategies. You’ll deepen understanding of content and pedagogy and build-in house capacity to support a robust, sustainable implementation.
Prepare learning experiences will help shift literacy and math instruction in areas such as the Science of Reading and/or problem-based approaches to math. Program-aligned packages will support those who are new to Amplify’s programs. Program-aligned packages will support those who have experience using Amplify’s programs. Program-aligned offerings will support advanced implementation, build capacity for instructional leaders, certify in-house trainers to deliver Launch sessions, and more.

Learn more about our curated catalog of packages and sessions to support each stage of your learning journey.

Science of Reading learning experiences

Energize your elementary math classroom sessions

Core program packages


  • Amplify CKLA
  • Amplify Caminos
  • Amplify ELA


  • Amplify Math
  • Amplify Desmos Math (K–A2)
  • Desmos Math 6–A1
  • Amplify Science


Advanced implementation support

Capacity building for instructional leaders

Launch certification

  Supplemental program sessions

  • Boost Reading
  • Boost Lectura
  • Boost Close Reading
Assessment program packages

  • mCLASS with DIBELS® 8th Edition
  • mCLASS Lectura

mCLASS Intervention program sessions


Empower teachers to continuously improve

Professional development helps teachers stay motivated and inspired to grow professionally. Demonstrate your commitment to your stuff by empowering them with professional development packages that include on-site or virtual Launch, Strengthen, or Coach sessions, all of which will orient you and your team to the full features of Amplify programs.

You can also personalize your learning experience by adding enhancement sessions to base packages.

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On-site and virtual Launch sessions introduce Amplify programs and support strong implementation. Self-paced, online courses are also available for select Amplify programs and include an on-demand subscription for 12-months.

After learning about the program’s foundational principles and key features, you’ll practice administering it within a collaborative environment.

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On-site and virtual Strengthen sessions deepen understanding of the program. Session offerings are targeted and meant to take your practice—and your students’ learning—to the next level.

Offered as part of core packages, as well as enhancements, Strengthen sessions are intended to effectively address your students’ needs. Examples include:

  • A focus on data analysis.
  • Examining student writing.
  • Targeted intervention instruction.


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On-site and virtual Coach sessions are tailored to elevate instructional practices and meet the unique needs of teachers and/or leaders.

Partner with an Amplify coach who will support you in planning customized sessions leveraging our menu of supports, which can include:

  • Lesson modeling by an Amplify facilitator.
  • Classroom observations and debriefs.
  • Grade-level planning.


Commit to sustainable change for long-term impact

Learning may ebb and flow between phases depending on your teachers’ and leaders’ needs, experiences, and professional goals. Amplify professional development aims to continually grow, develop, and refine instructional practices to support student learning and achievement.

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Frequently asked questions

We value your partnership and aim to provide you with the highest quality learning experiences. Check out our frequently asked PD questions below, along with responses.


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Additional learning

Once you become an Amplify customer, you’ll have access to many opportunities to continue learning how to get the most out of your Amplify program(s).

To get a sense of our support, check out some of our free resources:

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Biliteracy supports

Facilitated in both English and Spanish, specialized biliteracy sessions should be scheduled for teachers using both curricula and/or assessments. Sessions are available to support the use of both Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos core programs or mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition and Lectura assessment programs. Substitute a biliteracy session for the 6-hour initial training in your package, or add these sessions on to your package for your biliteracy teachers.

Speak to our team to learn more!

Order and payment support

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Community of collaboration

Listen to Science of Reading advocates and fellow educators on our podcasts and connect with them in our program-specific Facebook communities to ask pedagogical questions, share Amplify teaching hacks, and more. Join a community or tune into one of our podcasts today:

Three colleagues discuss work using a tablet and laptop in front of a colorful sticky note-covered wall.

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We’re here to provide answers and guidance as you explore your PD journey. Fill out the form to connect with us and discover how Amplify PD can enhance your educational journey.

Our experts

We are educators supporting educators. Every member of Amplify’s national team of highly experienced and qualified facilitators is a former educator with years of hands-on classroom and/or administrative experience. Our facilitators are passionate about supporting educators in the implementation of their Amplify programs and creating transformational change for all students.