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Amplify’s mCLASS® Texas Edition chosen to support Texas’ youngest learners

Texas Education Agency to ensure all Texas administrators and educators have comprehensive support through alternative reading diagnostic tool

Brooklyn, NY (April 27, 2020) — Amplify, a publisher of next-generation curriculum and assessment programs, announced today that mCLASS® Texas Edition has been selected as the Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved alternative free Reading Diagnostic Tool for Kindergarten and as one of the free options for grades 1–2, as legislated by HB3.

mCLASS Texas Edition provides a full K–6 assessment solution, enabling Texas educators to leverage and connect valuable student data from the beginning of a student’s literacy journey to later grades, reflecting a reliable and valid view of every student’s progression.

“Amplify is honored to partner with TEA,” said Krista Curran, senior vice president & general manager, assessment and intervention at Amplify. “mCLASS Texas Edition helps educators in the state of Texas know how to support their students’ journey in becoming confident readers.”

In addition to English assessments, mCLASS Texas Edition provides screening and diagnostic assessments for Spanish literacy, with Spanish assessment and instruction tools that are unique to Spanish language development and support biliteracy development in dual language settings. 

mCLASS Texas Edition includes:

  • Efficient one-minute DIBELS® 8th Edition and IDEL (Spanish) measures, plus additional Amplify-developed measures that fulfill TEA’s Language and Literacy requirements
  • Engaging, personalized instruction to provide remediation and enrichment for all students
  • A built-in dyslexia screener with a risk indicator that clearly shows at-risk students and meets the state’s K–1 requirements
  • Instruction that highlights observed patterns from students’ assessment results and recommends activities to target skill deficits
  • Robust classroom and administrator-level reports that give instant results and clear next steps for each student

Amplify is offering a free demo of mCLASS Texas Edition, along with live weekly webinars covering topics such as: Getting Started with mCLASS Texas, Data and Reporting, Dyslexia Measures, and Grouping and Instruction.

About Amplify

A pioneer in K–12 education since 2000, Amplify is leading the way in next-generation curriculum and assessment. Our captivating core and supplemental programs in ELA, math, and science engage all students in rigorous learning and inspire them to think deeply, creatively, and for themselves. Our formative assessment products turn data into practical instructional support to help all students build a strong foundation in early reading and math. All of our programs provide teachers with powerful tools that help them understand and respond to the needs of every student. Today, Amplify serves more than five million students in all 50 states. 

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