Amplify announces launch of new integrated mCLASS® early literacy suite to support all students in reading on grade level by third grade

Enhancements to the gold-standard assessment suite include even more useful data and reporting, additional screeners to identify students at risk for dyslexia, and new adaptive instruction

Brooklyn, NY – (January 28, 2019) Amplify, a company that creates next-generation curriculum and assessment programs, announced today that it is launching a new mCLASS suite that includes both teacher-led and adaptive student-driven instruction, as well as the mobile version of the DIBELS 8th Edition assessment developed by the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon’s College of Education. The updated mCLASS early literacy suite integrates assessment, instruction, and intervention programs to help educators easily provide rich, differentiated reading instruction for all students. The new mCLASS suite is available for educators to begin using in the 2019–2020 school year.

“At Amplify, we are laser-focused on early literacy and research-based identification of risk, and we are committed to providing teachers with highly effective, time-saving tools to help every student read on grade level by the end of third grade, ” said Krista Curran, senior vice president and general manager, Assessment and Intervention, at Amplify. “For this reason, we’re excited to launch an enhanced version of our gold-standard mCLASS early literacy suite to better support the more than 120,000 educators and 1.65 million students who are using the program across the country today. We have improved our mCLASS assessments and reporting, and added screening for reading difficulties such as dyslexia as well as adaptive instruction tailored to each student’s specific needs. This integrated suite means schools can help support all students in becoming confident readers with one easy-to-use tool.”

Amplify launched the first version of mCLASS in 2001, making mCLASS one of the longest-running and most extensively researched early literacy programs on the market today. mCLASS has served more than 14 million students in all 50 states over the last 18 years.

Developed by the University of Oregon, where DIBELS research has been going on for decades, DIBELS 8th Edition is founded on a substantially strong, valid and reliable research base for identifying and supporting struggling readers, including those at risk for dyslexia. As of fall 2018, approximately 21 states have passed legislation for dyslexia screening in order to support the early identification of students at risk for dyslexia, and more states are currently considering enacting similar legislation. The screening tools in the new edition of mCLASS help educators meet the demands of the new legislation.

“We are excited to deepen our partnership with Amplify with the introduction of mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition,” said Hank Fien, director, Center on Teaching and Learning at University of Oregon. “Our launch of DIBELS 8th Edition represents our continued commitment to providing evidence-based assessments, reporting, coaching and interventions as part of our education extension mission. This partnership, along with the Center on Teaching and Learning’s ongoing commitment to the highest standards of evidence, make DIBELS 8th Edition a powerful tool for educators.”

mCLASS with DIBELS 8th Edition features improved assessments, deeper insight into students’ instructional needs, and more intuitive reporting. It offers reduced assessment time and more useful data through adaptive test design and new skill profiles that better support differentiated instruction.

The updated mCLASS suite also offers adaptive, student-led instruction for the first time in the form of mCLASS: Amplify Reading Edition, in which mCLASS results send students on a highly engaging, game-based journey to learn the specific skills they need to advance their literacy skills. This new option enhances the mCLASS instructional experience, which will also include even more resources for teacher-led instruction.

About Amplify
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About University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning
The Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL), one of the largest research centers at the University of Oregon (UO), was established in 2000 as part of the College of Education. Over the last decade, CTL has been awarded 75+ state and federal research grants. CTL is committed to conducting rigorous research on the design, delivery and efficacy of curriculum, instruction, and assessment as individual elements used in schools, especially in the primary, elementary, and middle school grades. CTL’s mission is to conduct, translate, and disseminate research that focuses on the solutions to serious but practical problems in school systems.

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