Revolutionize remote assessment with Text Reading Online

Welcome to Text Reading Online!

Text Reading Online is a brand new voice-enabled literacy assessment solution from mCLASS® for grades 1–6 that uniquely enables remote evaluation of oral reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension skills, all of which are critical indicators of reading development for young readers. Learn more about how we use speech recognition to accurately measure fluency.

Next-generation speech recognition technology

Text Reading Online was created in partnership by Amplify and SoapBox Labs, a Dublin-based developer of accuracy and privacy driven voice technology for children. Text Reading Online represents the first literacy assessment of its kind to enable remote evaluation of reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. 


Assess remotely with Text Reading Online

How it works

To perform the Text Reading Online assessment, students read two texts aloud. The first text is at the student’s grade level and the read-aloud is evaluated for reading accuracy and fluency through SoapBox Lab’s speech recognition technology.

Students then answer a set of text-dependent comprehension questions to evaluate their degree of understanding. This is repeated with the second text, which is adapted based on the student’s performance on the initial text, including their accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

Data from the oral reading fluency assessment, including reading rate and specific error types, provides educators with near-real-time feedback, which they can use to identify areas of focus and cater lessons to each student’s needs.

Learn about mCLASS

Text Reading Online is a measure available within mCLASS, a K–6 universal assessment, instruction, and intervention suite. To learn how to bring mCLASS to your school or district, visit this page to fill out a contact form.