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Welcome, Texas educators!

mCLASS® Texas Edition has been selected as the Texas Education Agency (TEA)–approved alternative free Reading Diagnostic Tool for Kindergarten and as one of the free options for grades 1–2, as legislated by HB3.

mCLASS Texas Edition provides a full K–6 assessment solution, enabling you to leverage and connect valuable student data from the beginning of their literacy journey to later grades, reflecting a reliable and valid view of every student’s progression. Register for a webinar to learn more

*For mCLASS Texas Edition customers who have already opted into the program, please visit our onboarding site to learn how to get started. 


Join us for our fall virtual literacy symposium, Literacy in a Changing World: Moving Forward Together.

What is mCLASS Texas Edition?

mCLASS Texas Edition is an integrated, gold standard literacy system that offers teacher-administered assessment and holistic instruction for grades K–6. Teachers often complain about the need to cobble together a number of different tools. They don’t trust their screener so they use something else to monitor progress.


The mCLASS comprehensive system includes efficient one-minute measures, a built-in dyslexia screener, teacher-led and student-driven instruction, intervention, and robust reports for teachers and administrators. It’s all you’ll need to monitor and support every type of student learner in your classroom.

Built for Texas educators

TEA has established a bold vision for teaching and learning by:


  1. Enabling universal, multidimensional assessment.
  2. Supporting differentiated instruction based on diagnostics.
  3. Making the resulting data useful for teachers and parents.


mCLASS Texas Edition is built on decades of research at the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon, a national center for early childhood assessment and instruction. The measures are already in use in hundreds of districts in Texas.


Explore a walkthrough

mCLASS® Texas Edition Reporting

Quick and actionable reports provide detailed insight into students’ reading development across foundational literacy skills for classroom teachers and literacy specialists, principals and district leaders, and parents and guardians at home.


mCLASS Texas Edition gives you instant results and clear next steps for each student. 


Learn more about mCLASS reporting features

Personalized learning for every student

Amplify Reading is a K–8 student-driven literacy program that provides both remediation and enrichment for all students, leveraging the power of compelling storytelling to engage students in personalized reading instruction and practice.


At its heart, there are 3 main areas that make Amplify Reading a unique supplemental learning program:

  • The program meets all students where they are with powerful individualized instruction and practice
  • Age-appropriate narratives create a learning experience that leaps off the screen
  • Research shows Amplify Reading improves student performance–particularly among English Learners–reducing the overall percentage of students at risk of reading difficulty.


View Amplify Reading TEKS alignment

Achieve parity in English and Spanish

mCLASS Texas Edition provides screening and diagnostic assessments for Spanish literacy. mCLASS’s Spanish assessment and instruction tools are unique to Spanish language development and support biliteracy development in dual language settings.

Dyslexia screening: Catch at-risk students early

Early intervention is critical. mCLASS Texas with DIBELS 8th Edition aligns to the state’s rigorous requirements around dyslexia screening as outlined in the Texas Dyslexia Handbook.


Get universal and dyslexia screening in one single powerful tool—no additional assessment system required.


Emergency Rules Related to Dyslexia Screening are available that address the 2019-20 school year kindergarten end-of-year dyslexia screening and have implications for the 2020/2021 school year 1st grade BOY administration of Commissioner-approved or LEA designated reading instrument. This new screening requirement applies to 1st grade students who were not screened for dyslexia at EOY of their kindergarten year.


Download our dyslexia toolkit to learn more.


Download dyslexia toolkit

mCLASS Texas Alignment with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

mCLASS Texas Edition includes multiple measures. In English, it includes DIBELS 8th Edition and screeners of vocabulary, spelling, and oral language. In Spanish, it includes IDEL, screeners of vocabulary, oral language, and spelling. 


View TEKS alignment

Complete K–6 solution

Amplify also provides additional top-rated literacy programs that connect with mCLASS Texas Edition to give educators a robust, comprehensive package that covers all of their instructional needs. 


  • mCLASS Intervention is a staff-led reading intervention for K–6 that performs data analysis and lesson sequencing with Tier 2 and Tier 3 small-group intervention to get struggling readers back on track.


  • Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) for K–6 provides teachers with additional comprehension measures within the mCLASS platform, featuring a digital reading record and connected book sets.


  • mCLASS Math offers universal screening and progress monitoring with diagnostic interviews to provide a rich view of at-risk students and gauge the effectiveness of math instruction.


Learn more about Amplify’s programs for Texas

Frequently asked questions

Interested in learning more? Read this FAQ we’ve put together based on questions we’ve received about mCLASS Texas Edition.


Learn more

Remote and hybrid assessment and learning guide

mCLASS® Texas Edition has created a collection of resources to help users plan for a variety of scenarios for the 2020–2021 school year.


*The TEA has offered a a one-time waiver to school districts for the 2020-2021 school year. They continue to encourage LEAs to adopt a kindergarten screener, as districts will still need to meet dyslexia screening requirements for grades K and 1 for the 2020–21 school year.


Learn more

Contact your Texas representative

Looking to speak directly with an mCLASS Texas Edition representative? Get in touch with the mCLASS Texas team to learn more about using the program:


Raymundo Rodriguez, M.Ed.

Vice President, South Central

Marty Pitts

Senior Account Executive

Julie Godfrey

Account Executive

Carla Small

Senior Account Executive

Opt in today

Fill out the form to sign up for mCLASS! If you have any questions as you complete the form, you can reach our Texas team at or (512)-877-9111.