Welcome to mCLASS® TX Edition!

We’re happy to help Texas educators along your literacy journey in helping all of your students become confident young readers.

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Remote Assessment

mCLASS Texas Edition can be administered in many ways, including remotely. This site will give guidance on the various ways to administer mCLASS Texas Edition to best support your students in any learning environment.

Program Introduction

Administrators, welcome to mCLASS Texas Edition!

Here you’ll find information about enrollment and licensing, technical requirements, professional learning resources, and more.

Onboarding: What to expect

Welcome to mCLASS Texas Edition! To help you know what’s coming next, we created the following visual that outlines the steps of the onboarding process. You can use it as a reference.

Enrollment and licensing

Amplify provides services to fit the different types of enrollment needs for various times of year:

 Self-Service Enrollment (SSE) is a batch enrollment tool that you can use to import large amounts of student, staff, and class information into the Amplify system at the beginning of the school year or any time you need to update your enrollment data.

Auto Self-Service Enrollment (Auto SSE) is a service for automatically sending enrollment data from your computer to Amplify, which does not require intervention after you initiate the process, and which can be run at any time of year. You must have the ability to run scripts in order to use Auto SSE.

Amplify also offers the Manual Enrollment tools on the Amplify Administration page, which you can use at any time of year to add or update enrollment information by entering the information directly into Amplify, rather than uploading spreadsheets.

Preparing your materials

If you need the DIBELS 8th Edition and IDEL materials, you can download them for local printing directly from the University of Oregon website. Additionally, if you need the materials for the Inventory measures (PA-Blending and FSL), they can be downloaded from the mCLASS Home Training page (login required).

If your school or district purchased materials kits, the materials coordinator at your school or district will receive a shipping logistics survey after your order is placed, to ensure a smooth delivery of mCLASS Texas Edition kits. It is critical that this survey be completed prior to the shipment of materials. If you are the materials coordinator for your school or district and have not received a survey, reach out to your Amplify implementation manager.

What’s included in the kits

Below you will find a list of the print materials included in each mCLASS Texas Edition kit.

DIBELS® 8th Edition
The mCLASS® DIBELS® 8th Edition kits are grade-specific and contain the student materials for assessment with mCLASS software.
Kindergarten through grade 6 (kits for each grade sold separately):

  • “How to Get Started with mCLASS” one sheet
  • Student Benchmark Assessment Materials
  • Student Progress Monitoring Assessment Materials
  • Assessment Administration and Scoring Manual

IDEL Multi-grade kit (kindergarten through grade 3):
Kit includes K-3 student and teacher materials

Maze administration:

Maze for grades 2-6 is typically administered online to a group of students, each on their own computer or iPad®. No printed materials are needed.

If your school does not have sufficient student devices or if your students are not yet ready for online assessment, you may administer Maze with paper and pencil and enter the scores manually. For more information, click here.

Materials for additional assessments:

If you opted to build a more robust solution with mCLASS Texas Edition and will be using TRC, TRS Español, mCLASS Math or mCLASS Intervention, we provide the following kits:

TRC Atlas Benchmark Kit

  • 76 leveled readers covering levels A-Z (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • Tabs to organize books by level grouping
  • Information pamphlet

mCLASS: Math
Kindergarten and grade 1 combination kit

  • Activities Guide
  • Counting chips
  • Screening and Progress Monitoring student materials

Grade 2 Kit

  • Activities Guide
  • Counting chips
  • Screening and Progress Monitoring teacher guide and answer key
  • Screening and Progress Monitoring forms 1-10

Grade 3 Kit

  • Activities Guide
  • Screening and Progress Monitoring teacher guide and answer key
  • Screening and Progress Monitoring forms 1-10

Multi-grade Kit including kindergarten through grade 3
All materials listed above

TRC Español
Amplify Atlas Español Benchmark Kit
(kindergarten through grade 6)

  • 54 leveled readers covering Guided Reading levels A-Z and titles for Print Concepts and Reading Behaviors
  • Information pamphlet

Kindergarten through grade 3 Kit and grades 4-6 Kit available (sold separately)

  • Printed cards
  • Puppet
  • Whiteboard
  • Sticker book
  • 25 resealable bags
  • Magnifying glass
  • Burst® binder
  • Burst messenger bag
  • User Guides
  • Accordion file
  • Burst posters
  • Light blue carrying case that includes 8 double tipped markers, dry erase markers, counting chips, and sand timers
  • Assessment books

Technology requirements and guidelines

To ensure that your hardware and network meet the minimum technical requirements for optimal performance and support of your digital curriculum products, please see Amplify’s customer requirements page.

To ensure access to mCLASS, add the URLs on this page to your corresponding district or school-level filters.

Professional learning

All mCLASS Texas Edition users will have access to free online modules. Contact your district for details about accessing these modules.

For those districts that want to support teachers in a more comprehensive approach we will work to ensure that the professional learning section supporting each mCLASS Texas Edition rollout meets each district’s unique needs. Here is a professional learning catalog to show the breadth and depth of what we offer.

Teachers, welcome to mCLASS Texas Edition!

Here you’ll learn about the program, how to set up your device, and how to get help when using mCLASS Texas Edition.

Onboarding: What to expect

Logging in to mCLASS Home

mCLASS Home is where you access mCLASS reporting, instruction, and other helpful resources. Follow these steps to log in:
1. Navigate to mclass.amplify.com.
2. You will need your Amplify user name and password to log in. If you forget your password, you can follow the instructions below to generate a new one.

  • Click “Forgot Password”
  • Enter your Amplify username and your district or school email address. Click Send. Then follow the instructions in the email you receive to reset your password.

If you have not received an Amplify username and password, please contact your
school or district administrator.

Setting up your assessment device

Assessments are administered using the mCLASS app. The mCLASS app is installed by creating a shortcut from Chrome™ (Safari for iPads) on your device’s desktop or home screen. Click the link for your device for installation instructions:
Windows device

Note that you need your Amplify username and password to install the mCLASS app. If you have not received it, please contact your school or district administrator.

Looking for help?

Timely technical and program support
Our technical and program support is included and available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, through a variety of channels, including a live chat program that enables teachers to get immediate help in the middle of the school day.

For your most urgent questions:
Use our live chat within your program
Call our toll-free number: (800) 823-1969

For less urgent questions: email help@amplify.com
Powerful (and free!) pedagogical support
Amplify provides a unique kind of support you won’t find from other publishers. We have developed an educational support team of former teachers and administrators who provide pedagogical support for every Amplify curriculum, assessment, and intervention program. This service is completely free for all educators who are using our programs and includes:

  • Guidance for developing lesson plans and intervention plans
  • Information on where to locate standards and other planning materials
  • Recommendations and tips for day-to-day teaching with Amplify programs
  • Support with administering and interpreting assessment data and more

To reach our pedagogical team, use our live chat within your program, call (800) 823-1969, or email edsupport@amplify.com