Boost Reading

Boost Reading (TK-5) is available for all schools!

We are excited to share a fun Boost Reading resource that teachers can use to creatively connect with their students, while motivating them to increase their weekly Boost Reading usage. These Digital Classroom Assets have been loaded onto a Powerpoint, so that the images and slides can be used in many and varied ways to support remote instruction.

Share this Boost Reading Log to your students and they can keep track of their weekly BR time. Tip: If families have access to a printer, they can print out the file for daily use at home. Put scotch tape over the area for the date and minutes and make it a wipe-off surface! Sample photo.

Looking for ways to motivate your students? We’ve created resources to support remote engagement with Boost Reading Fun. Digital downloads below.


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Boost Reading

What is Boost Reading?

  • An integrated solution that leverages your DIBELS data to place students in the right learning progression for their skills.
  • A supplemental digital curriculum that teaches literacy skills through a captivating game world.
  • An adaptive, research-based program that immerses students in language, decoding, and comprehension and differentiates instruction based on student progress.

Boost Reading Reporting Guide

A comprehensive new resource is now available for you and your teachers. This Boost Reading Reporting Guide will help you navigate through all of the progress data that is available on the Teacher Dashboard and in Administrator Reports.


Implementation Resources

  • Start now. (Overview)

  • Get started. (SSO)

Additional Resources