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All your kids can read and succeed: How mCLASS addresses dyslexia

How can you identify early students who may be at risk of learning disabilities, including dyslexia? What kind of dyslexia legislation has recently been enacted, and how can you meet state-specific screening needs? Our presentation below sheds light on such and shows you how mCLASS works to help you address those exact needs—and more.

Insight NEWARK-MAY31:  Ivy Hill School, Newark, NJ for Amplify, May 31, 2018.

Can you separate dyslexia fact from fiction? Watch this video to dig into common misconceptions about dyslexia—and learn how educators can challenge those myths to help at-risk students succeed.

About mCLASS:

mCLASS lets you know exactly which aspect of a skill a student is struggling with, and then gives you effective lesson plans for each student powered by reliable diagnostic data based on one-minute measures. Early intervention is critical. mCLASS offers universal and dyslexia screening in a single powerful tool—no additional assessment system required. Your most vulnerable readers are identified at the earliest levels.

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Download our dyslexia toolkit

The more awareness we have about dyslexia, the more questions we have about dyslexia. How best to screen for and identify students at risk—as early as possible? How best to support them when we do?

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