Learning disabilities and their emotional impact

We talk a lot about interventions for dyslexia. But what about emotions? How does it feel to be a student with a learning disability? Find out in this podcast.

By Amplify Staff | May 31, 2022

Welcome back to Science of Reading: The Podcast! How can we as educators better understand what the process of being diagnosed with a learning disability looks and feels like for children? Beyond that, what does it feel like to go through school undiagnosed and how does that impact how students relate to themselves, their peers, and school in general?

Find your child’s interests, or your student’s strengths … pursue those and give them opportunities to let those feed their soul.

Dr. Sheila Clonan, Psychologist and founding Board Member of The Reading League

This episode features Dr. Sheila Clonan discussing her work with identifying learning disabilities (particularly dyslexia) in children. Dr. Clonan also explores the mental and emotional effects of learning to read with dyslexia and how it impacts behavior and self-concept, providing two insightful analogies that illustrate what it feels like for students who aren’t given explicit instruction but are still expected to know how to read. She then ends the episode with practical advice for educators and parents on how to support and encourage children.

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