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Top professional development picks for the summer

What do educators recommend for staying current and sharpening skills over the summer? Read on to find out.

By Amplify Staff | July 17, 2024 Read post

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By Amplify Staff | July 17, 2024

Top professional development picks for the summer

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image of a teacher reviewing a Desmos Classroom math activity
By Amplify Staff | July 12, 2024

10 ideas for summer math professional learning

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A woman and a young boy look at a tablet together with expressions of surprise and engagement.
By Amplify Staff | July 12, 2024

New study provides evidence that assessing multilingual students in their home languages can improve educational outcomes

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A young student practices reading comprehension intently at a desk in a classroom while classmates sit in the background.
By Amplify Staff | June 27, 2024

Reading comprehension strategies grounded in science

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A decorated desk with a writing paper marked with an
By Amplify Staff | June 6, 2024

Advice for next year—for teachers, from teachers

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Students engaged in a student-centered learning discussion in the Math classroom.
By Jody Guarino, Chepina Rumsey, and Amplify Staff | May 28, 2024

Nurturing young children’s curiosity and wonder in the math classroom

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A teacher and student review educational materials about the Science of Reading curriculum.
By Amplify Staff | May 20, 2024

Change management with the Science of Reading: Data is your compass

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Collage of four images: cartoon animals in a forest promoting early literacy, a teacher assisting a student on a tablet, a boy writing in a notebook, and an animated character skateboarding by a castle
By Elizabeth Sillies, Literacy Coach and Title I Supervisor, Three Rivers Local Schools | April 22, 2024

Suite success: How we support early literacy

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Susan Gomez Zwiep and Eric Cross
By Amplify Staff | April 19, 2024

Connecting science and literacy: The power of language

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