2024 Math Symposium
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Building math proficiency for life

Math isn’t just something you use in life—it’s part of life. That’s why we brought together a dream team of math experts and educators to share the latest in innovation and research.

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2024 Math Symposium
By Amplify Staff | April 8, 2024

Building math proficiency for life

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image of teachers sharing teacher tips for HQIM, the science classroom, literacy instruction, and more
By Amplify Staff | March 25, 2024

Teaching tips for educators, from educators

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image of ebook about data-driven instruction
By Amplify Staff | March 18, 2024

The power of data-driven instruction for reading success

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image of early literacy instruction between a teacher and student
By Amplify Staff | March 11, 2024

Alert: Progress in early literacy is slowing.

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image of student engaging in writing prompts for middle school
By Amplify Staff | March 4, 2024

Beyond prompts: How to teach writing for middle school student success

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image of the Math Teacher Lounge, a math podcast about K–12 math teachers that covers math and educational topics that you care about.
By Amplify Staff | February 26, 2024

Don’t miss the finale of Math Teacher Lounge

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image of NSTA, a science education conference for best practices in science instruction
By Amplify Staff | February 19, 2024

Making the most of a science education conference

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image of Amplify Science of Reading blog post about using formative assessments for reading comprehension strategies
By Amplify Staff | February 12, 2024

Using formative assessment to support literacy

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By Kathe McCormick-Evans, First Grade Teacher, Arlington VA | February 5, 2024

Strengthening critical thinking with a content-first approach: How Amplify CKLA is closing gaps in an elementary classroom

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