Celebrating three years of Science of Reading: The Podcast

Typically around age three, kids hone their skills around storytelling, communication, and making friends. Sounds like our podcast at three years old, too! We hope you'll celebrate with us.

By Amplify Staff | March 13, 2023

And three million downloads, too!

If there’s one thing we’ve all needed the past few years, it’s been each other. That’s why we’re so grateful for everyone who’s come together since we launched Science of Reading: The Podcast.

Our guests—educators, advocates, lawmakers, psychologists, and more—have shared their time and expertise on all things Science of Reading. Some led us deep into data, others into education policy and classroom culture. Together we’ve built and evolved our understanding of quality Science of Reading curriculum; strategies for reading comprehension, fluency, and intervention; and so much more.

Now more than ever, we believe all educators should have access to the essential conversations happening around research, legislation, and resources affecting how students become skilled readers.

We extend our thanks to our three years of guests on Science of Reading: The Podcast—not to mention our Facebook community of more than 90,000 committed and passionate educators. All of you helped make sure those conversations happened, and continue to happen.

How Science of Reading: The Podcast is transforming education

We care about this podcast because we care about the Science of Reading. And we care about the Science of Reading because we care about kids and their future. We know you do, too, so we’d like to talk a bit more about our shared vision and values for reading educators. These include the following:

  • It’s important to bridge the gap between research and practice. That’s how educators get the tools and resources they need to make informed choices about how best to teach reading.
  • Educators should be up to speed—with information from leading experts—on topics such as phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and more.
  • Connection and community are crucial. Educators truly benefit from insight into the challenges and successes of their peers. They use this knowledge to inform their own teaching practices.

With Science of Reading: The Podcast, we strive to provide that forum and platform for educators. Our hope is to not only deliver the latest expert knowledge, but also to provide a community in which educators can connect and learn from each other. With these three million downloads (and the next three million!), we know we can revolutionize the future of reading.

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