Science professional learning resources for teachers

Summer is the perfect time for teachers to take a break—and a deep dive into professional development. In this post, we’ve pulled together some juicy resources for science teachers.

By Amplify Staff | July 17, 2023

We hope you’ll take some time to rest and recharge this summer! But we also know how hard you work—even when school’s out—to do the best you can for the students in your science classroom.

Without the constraints of the school schedule, summer can be a great time for teachers to work on professional development! 

That’s why we created this handy list of professional learning resources, mined from our trove of blog posts and webinars, for you to dive into this summer. 

Next Generation Science Standards

These resources will help you learn about the Next Generation Science standards by grade level—and discover how to make them come alive in your classroom: 

Phenomena in science

What’s phenomena-based learning in science? A method of exploring the everyday and observable that can also deliver extraordinary results. Learn more here: 

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