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  • Dr. Jennifer Throndsen of Utah’s state board of education was featured on the Science of Reading podcast. Listen to the episode now!

Important information

Legislation was passed to support Acadience Reading for grades K–6.  Now enrollment for K-6 will occur through the state process for upper grades.  As a reminder, students in grades 1-3 are required to complete the Acadience Reading assessment unless they are opted out or taking an alternate assessment. 

Improved version of our Online Assessment Management (OAM) tool 

The OAM simplifies teachers’ steps with setting up online assessments by providing student credentials in the same place where online assessments are assigned. OAM also has a new dashboard for tracking the status of assigned online assessments.

Materials can be downloaded here.


Introduction to mCLASS® Assessment: Acadience™ Reading

  • USBE Data Analysis for K-6 Reading Assessment Program

  • Enrollment for mClass

Benchmark information

  • Benchmark windows

  • Acadience Reading benchmark invalidations

Progress monitoring

  • The impact of progress monitoring

  • About progress monitoring

  • How to progress monitor

Remote assessing

For more information on Remote Assessing in Utah, please visit this PDF.


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