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We hope you enjoy learning more about Amplify Science and what students are learning in science this year.

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Amplify welcomes you and your learner to the Science program for the new school year. We are very excited to provide you with exceptional learning opportunities through Science. Below are resources and helpful guides for enabling your student to have the most productive experience with our platform throughout the year.

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What is Amplify Science?

Amplify Science is an engaging curriculum for grades K–8 designed by experts at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. As you look through the program, you may notice that it looks different from any science curriculum you’ve seen before. That’s because in recent years, science teaching has moved away from fact-based lessons, such as those that require memorization, and toward deep learning, where students actively investigate and figure out real-world problems. This shift in science teaching and learning is reflected in new national science standards (the Next Generation Science Standards) and—you guessed it—in Amplify Science.

Watch the video below for a more detailed overview of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Getting started

While Amplify Science lessons are designed to be completed in the classroom with peers, there are some activities that students can work on at home with your support. To make it as easy as possible to do these activities at home, ask your child’s teacher to provide the following resources:

To help your student get up and running with digital access to Amplify Science, download our student navigational guide.
We recommend reviewing this Protecting Kids Online article by the Federal Trade Commission addressing digital safety.

Materials overview

Amplify Science integrates the latest best practices in science teaching and learning. Students will have numerous opportunities to use hands-on materials, engage with readings, develop evidence-based scientific written arguments, and explore digital applications.


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Watch the video below for a brief overview of the Amplify Science approach and program structure.

A powerful partnership

Amplify Science is the result of a collaboration between the science education experts at University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) and Amplify. The team of science, math, engineering, and literacy experts at LHS developed the content of the program, while Amplify’s team of designers and engineers developed the tools and components that bring the lessons to life for students.

Click here for more information on the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Where to go for help

Whether you have questions about your technology or want to know more about the program, Amplify’s Support Team is here to help!

Contact Support via telephone at (833) 97-Care-8 (833-972-2738) or caregiver@amplify.com.

Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.