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Two students engage in a science experiment in a classroom, with one holding a cup of water and a stick while the other observes intently.

Next Generation Science Standards letter

Each unit includes a letter describing the Next Generation Science Standards and how they’re reflected in all units at a particular grade.

Click on your student’s grade below to download the letter for that grade:

Unit Maps

Each unit in Amplify Science has a Unit Map for the teacher. This document outlines the scientific questions the students come across in the unit, and how they will figure out the answers.

Click on your student’s grade to download all of the Unit Maps for that grade:


In grades 3–5, students use interactive digital apps as one way of figuring out unit phenomena. This short video shows an example of a simulation.

Resource for back-to-school night

This presentation (available for download) provides a general overview of the Amplify Science curriculum. Your student’s teacher may have used this resource during back-to-school night.

Home investigations

If you’re interested in extending the Amplify Science classroom experience at home use the Scientist Profile Cards to spark discussions about careers in science and engineering!

The Amplify Science program also includes several Home Investigations that you can explore with your students outside of the school day. Your student’s teacher may assign the Home Investigations as the class progresses through the units, but if you’d like to explore them on your own, you can do so by clicking on your student’s grade below:

Questions for at-home discussion

For Amplify Science families, the Questions for At-Home Discussion documents for every unit in grades K–5 contain questions for families to ask their students to help guide continued discussion and learning outside the classroom.

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