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Amplify Science California is so effective you can cover 100% of the NGSS in half the time of other programs.
You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing all you need is:

  • 66 days per year
  • 2 lessons per week
  • 45 minutes per lesson

What students learn

Lauren Learner loves science. Watch this video to find out what she learns in kindergarten. >
When you’re ready:

  • Find a summary of each unit below including each unit’s student role and anchor phenomenon.
  • Click on the orange “See how the unit works” link to download a helpful Unit Guide. These guides make great companions to busy reviewers looking for a big-picture understanding of how each unit works.

  • Units at a glance
    An illustration from Needs of Plants and Animals unit

    Unit 1

    Needs of Plants and Animals

    Student role: Scientists

    Phenomenon: There are no monarch caterpillars in the Mariposa Grove community garden ever since vegetables were planted.

    An illustration from the Pushes and Pulls unit

    Unit 2

    Pushes and Pulls

    Student role: Pinball engineers

    Phenomenon: Pinball machines allow people to control the direction and strength of forces on a ball.

    An illustration from the Sunlight and Weather unit

    Unit 3

    Sunlight and Weather

    Student role: Weather scientists

    Phenomenon: Students at one school are too cold during morning recess, while students at another are too hot during afternoon recess.

How teachers teach

Tom Teacher feels confident delivering 3-D instruction with our resources by his side. Watch this video to learn more. >
When you’re ready:

  • Scroll down and take a closer look at your classroom resources.
  • Click on the orange links below each component to see grade-specific samples.

  • Classroom resources for instruction
    Most adopted curriculum for the NGSS California

    Classroom Slides

    These customizable PowerPoints are available for every lesson of the program and make delivering instruction a snap with visual prompts, colorful activity instructions, investigation set-up videos and animations, and suggested teacher talk in the notes section of each slide.

    Teacher's Reference Guide

    Available digitally and in print, our unit-specific reference guides are chock full of helpful resources, including scientific background knowledge, planning information and resources, color-coded 3-D Statements, detailed lesson plans, tips for delivering instruction, and differentiation strategies.

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    Amplify Science California supports 3-D learning with more materials than any other program.

    Materials Kits

    Our kits include enough non-consumable materials to support a class of 36 students and enough consumable items to support 72 students. In other words, each kit can last two years! Plus, our unit-specific kits mean you just grab the tub you need and then put it all back with ease.

    Big Books and Student Books

    Students are never asked to read alone. Rather, books are read to, with, and by students with ample scaffolding and support provided by the teacher. Big Books are read aloud or together with the class to introduce ideas. Student Books allow for small-group reading and reading in pairs.

    Consumable Notebooks

    Available for every unit, our Student Investigation Notebooks contain instructions for activities and space for students to record data and observations, reflect on ideas from texts and investigations, and construct explanations and arguments.

    Amplify Science California and Mystery Science work together to help you transition to the California NGSS.

    Mystery Science

    Our exclusive partnership with Mystery Science means you get our NGSS core curriculum plus two years of free access to Mystery Doug and his extensive library of captivating videos that deepen students' understanding of each unit's phenomenon.

    Coming Soon

    Unlike other publishers, we don't make you wait until your next adoption to get the latest and greatest from Amplify. We're always launching new and exciting features. What's more, we'll push them out to you even after you adopt us!