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Based on decades of leading literacy research, mCLASS is the gold-standard assessment and instructional suite for early literacy that helps every child learn to read confidently.


Five leadership practices that drive success in K–2 literacy

Research base

Burst Reading Assessment (Now mCLASS Intervention) Technical Manual

Linking DIBELS Next® with the Lexile® Framework: A Study to Link DIBELS Next with The Lexile® Framework for Reading – Phase 2


mCLASS Dyslexia Screening Measures Research Report

mCLASS Reading 3D Atlas Book Set Technical Manual, 2nd Edition

mCLASS Reading 3D Spanish Research Overview

mCLASS Dyslexia Screening Measures Technical Manual

mCLASS Reading 3D Spanish Technical Manual

mCLASS Reading 3D Technical Manual

mCLASS Reading 3D with Flex Research Report

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