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Welcome to the Amplify Reading Caregiver hub. We are here to support you and your child with all things Amplify!

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Welcome to Amplify Reading!

Welcome to Amplify Reading! We know how important—and challenging—it is for parents and caregivers to support kids’ remote learning. That’s why we are here to support you. On this site, you’ll find valuable information and resources to help you guide your child as they use Amplify Reading.

What is Amplify Reading?

Amplify Reading provides your child with the opportunity to learn and practice literacy skills within an engaging story world that adapts to each student as they move through the program. Your child can learn with Amplify Reading during school hours and independently at home.

Learn about Amplify Reading in middle school here.

What is my role in Amplify Reading?

Ensuring your child can log in independently

We recommend that caregivers assist their children by helping them log in at home. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step video on how to log in to the program with the login information or QR code provided by your child’s teacher.

Note that your child may log in via Clever or another platform. Reach out to your child’s teacher if you’re unsure or did not receive login information.

Watch the video below for an overview of how to get your elementary schooler started with Amplify Reading:

How to get your child started with Amplify Reading


  • Practice logging in with your child consistently until they can log in independently.
  • Keep your child’s login information in a single place so they know where to go if they forget it!

Giving your child the time and space to play independently

Amplify Reading is personalized to your child’s needs, so you do not need to assist students with their learning. Once your child can log in, they’re ready to start using the program. Students will need headphones or to be in a quiet place when they play.

Some students will begin with a placement Quest. Their answers help the Amplify Reading program match them to the best content and games for their reading skill levels. To ensure the most accurate placement, it is important that your child complete each activity independently. If your child needs help understanding the instructions, you can refer to this instruction guide. And it is always helpful to encourage your child to have fun and do their best!

We recommend reviewing this Protecting Kids Online article by the Federal Trade Commission addressing digital safety.


Joining in on the fun!

Each child in grades K–3 has a customizable companion called a Curioso. Print these Curioso Coloring Pages so your child can design their own!

Curioso Group
Curioso A
Curioso B
Curioso C

Students in grades K–5 encounter eReader texts along their adaptive learning path. These texts give students the opportunity to transfer the skills they practice in the games to actual texts. Consider watching the following read aloud videos with your child for some extra exposure to the texts and skill transfer activities, as well as opportunities for discussion.

Hedgehog and Fox – Fox keeps taunting Hedgehog that he can beat him in a race. But Hedgehog may have a trick up his sleeve that Fox doesn’t know about…

Lifting Up the Sky – A Snohomish legend that explains how the constellations came to be in the sky. 

The Best Present – Anjali and Anuj try to find Mom the best birthday present while they’re at a baseball game. What will they choose? 

The Big Ride – Rosa and her dad are about to go on a roller coaster, but Rosa is a little frightened. Will she enjoy it after all? 

The Busy Wolf – The Big Bad Wolf wasn’t trying to be bad, he was just too busy! Join us in Bookerton to hear this spin on classic fairy tales and engage with embedded skill practice and discussion prompts!

The Day They Became Americans – Three students who were born in different countries come together on a special day when they become American citizens.

Knowing where to go for help

Whether you have questions about your technology or want to know more about the program, Amplify’s Support Team is here to help!

Contact Support via telephone at (833) 97-Care-8 (833-972-2738) or caregiver@amplify.com.

Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

Frequently asked questions for caregivers

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