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Powerful assessment meets out-of-this-world engagement.

Introducing mCLASS with Amplify Reading, an adaptive assessment and instructional solution that makes research-based personalized learning a reality for today’s busy classrooms. The program helps you reach each kid, and teach each kid, so you can help every student become a confident reader.

We’ve created guidance and resources to help meet your unique needs this school year. Find out more about our remote and hybrid learning resources.


Off-the-charts reading growth

The best part about Amplify Reading? It works. In just 30 minutes of use per week, the program is proven to accelerate reading growth in grades K–5, especially among English learners.

What educators say

“The addition of Amplify Reading in my classroom has been amazing! The children love the games and I love the progress they are making. It is a win win!”

Jillian 2nd grade teacher, Connecticut

Our approach

mCLASS with Amplify Reading is a seamlessly integrated early literacy solution with universal screening and personalized learning designed to fully immerse students in early reading skills.

Students work on the right skill at the right time.

Students start working on the skills they need to master right away. Unlike adaptive programs that get repetitive, the curriculum keeps learning fresh with over 40 games—each mapped to specific skills and standards—that keep students engaged.

Automatic placement and differentiated support for each student

The research-based adaptive curriculum builds mastery of foundational reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension with activities aligned to each student’s reading goals. mCLASS data automatically places students in the program—no additional assessment required.

Real-time data between benchmark periods

Where students are in the classroom or at home, teachers are able to monitor student progress within the teacher dashboard and provide instant instructional recommendations between benchmarks.

Builds a growth mindset

Amplify Reading empowers students at all reading levels to drive their own reading growth. Students take on new challenges in different game worlds each day and are able to monitor their progress along with their teacher.

Free guide

How new brain science exposes the missing link in reading instruction

What's included

Our comprehensively aligned system is easy for you to use— no additional setup time required, and your class is automatically enrolled. The adaptive curriculum is 100% digital and works on any device.

Supplemental adaptive curriculum

As students engage in skill practice, their paths through the game world adapt to meet their unique learning needs. Includes more than 40 standards-aligned games that build language, foundational skills, and comprehension skills, while also developing:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Text analysis
  • Comprehension
  • Microcomprehension (i.e., the smaller aspects of comprehension that make up the reader’s mental model of a text)


An integrated eReader with more than 25 fiction and nonfiction texts allows students to apply learned reading skills to an authentic text.

Benchmark and progress monitoring assessments

As a complete early literacy solution, mCLASS with Amplify Reading offers the mCLASS assessments you know and trust to place students on their personal path in Amplify Reading. Available assessments include:

      • DIBELS 8th Edition, which provides comprehensive universal screening, progress monitoring, and dyslexia screening
      • Student reports and recommendations in Amplify Reading powered by DIBELS 8th Edition data
      • Dyslexia screening measures, featuring measures in Vocabulary, Spelling, Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) that assess risk for dyslexia

Teacher and administrator reports

mCLASS with Amplify Reading allows you to see mCLASS and Amplify Reading data in one view, pairing student’s Amplify Reading usage, skill progress, and current areas of focus with mCLASS data.

Targeted, teacher-led instruction

For additional one-on-one, small group, or whole class instruction targeted to students’ needs, mCLASS with Amplify Reading makes available all mCLASS teacher-led lesson plans, giving you more choice and flexibility for your students’ needs.

Remote learning made easy

Despite uncertainty around where students will be this school year mCLASS with Amplify Reading combines to deliver a remote assessment solution that connects directly to a digital, supplemental learning program.

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