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Data privacy and security

Entrusted with student data. Amplify’s industry-leading products and services help educators improve classroom education by using data in a way that is safe, secure, and effective.

Data privacy and security

<p>Entrusted with student data. Amplify&#8217;s industry-leading products and services help educators improve classroom education by using data in a way that is safe, secure, and effective.</p>

Our privacy and security principles

As providers of technology solutions to schools, our commitment to data privacy and security is essential to our organization. The following principles are at the heart of our data practices:

  • Customer Control: Amplify helps school districts securely manage and store student information. The school district controls who has access to that data and with whom it is shared.
  • Educational Purpose: Personal student information can only be used for customer-authorized purposes to support student learning and to ensure the secure and effective operation of our educational tools.
  • Transparency: School districts, parents, students, and teachers have the right to know what information is collected by school technology. Our contracts and privacy policies disclose the types of student information we store for our customers, how this information is used, and by whom.
  • Investment: Privacy and security are thoroughly embedded into our organizational practices. We dedicate substantial resources to processes, personnel and technologies required to protect student information.

Our privacy and security white paper

Our Data Privacy and Security white paper describes how we build privacy into our products and the steps we take to ensure that data stays secure and private in compliance with FERPA and other laws. The white paper also discusses the power of data in transforming educational experience for students and teachers and detailed steps school districts can take to keep student data safe.

Download whitepaper

Policy documents

Amplify’s Customer Privacy Policy describes the types of information collected and maintained on behalf of our school district customers and limitations on use and sharing of that data.

Review Customer Privacy Policy (

Overview of Information Security outlines measures Amplify implements to protect student personal information and to ensure that districts control who has access to it at all times.

Review Overview of Information Security (

What is Amplify?

Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn. Our digital products are leading the way in data-driven instruction, breaking new ground in mobile learning and setting the standard for next-generation digital curriculum and assessment. Our professional services team, with years of classroom experience, helps educators improve the way they integrate technology and use data in the classroom.

More information about Amplify is available at

What kinds of student information are collected by Amplify products?

Our products rely on two kinds of information: roster data received from school districts, such as the names of students registered in a given class, and information our users input into our systems, such as students’ answers to quizzes. We provide additional details on each category of information we collect on behalf of our customers in our Customer Privacy Policy.

Does Amplify use student personal information for advertising purposes?

No. Student personal information collected by our systems is only used for customer-authorized purposes to support the learning experience and to ensure secure and effective operation of our products.

For more information on how we use information maintained on behalf of our customers, see our Customer Privacy Policy.

Does Amplify sell student personal information?

No. Amplify never sells student personal information to any third party for any purpose. Trust from our school customers, parents and students is essential to our ability to operate, and we will not betray that trust by selling student personal information to other companies.

Who controls Amplify's use and sharing of student personal information?

The school district controls who has access to that data and with whom it is shared. Amplify helps school districts securely manage and store student information on behalf of our school district customers.

How can I access information about my child collected or stored by Amplify?

FERPA requires schools to provide parents with access to their children’s education records, and parents may request that the school correct records that they believe to be inaccurate or misleading. To access your child’s information stored by Amplify, you should make your request directly to the appropriate office at your school. If you have any questions about whom to contact or other questions about your child’s personal information, you may contact us at

How can I learn more about FERPA and student data privacy?

You can start by watching this short video from the U.S. Department of Education. The video highlights the key points of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The U.S. Department of Education also maintains the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) as a “one-stop” resource for education stakeholders to learn about data privacy, confidentiality, and security practices related to student data.

Does Amplify use cloud hosting providers?

Yes. Amplify’s products rely on a mix of dedicated data centers and managed cloud hosting environments, which offer robust security, resilience, stability, and disaster recovery capabilities. The “cloud” is a general term for using remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server. The use of cloud technologies has grown rapidly in recent years, as organizations realize that uptime, physical security, resilience, and support can all be better served through a central facility rather than an onsite data center.

Whom do I contact to learn more about Amplify's data privacy and security practices?

If you have questions about our data privacy and security practices, please contact us at